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12 Best Meditation WordPress Themes (Tested 2024)

meditation wordpress themes

We spent 7 months reviewing and testing meditation WordPress themes to bring you the ultimate collection for your (online) businesses.

(Extreme reliability.)

There’s a lot of potential to grow your meditation classes and training with a website.

Which you can create EASILY and QUICKLY.

What You Can Do With Meditation WP Themes

We made sure that our selection of WP themes gives you a chance to:

  • Promote your workshops & events (even apps)
  • Offer online courses
  • Share your story
  • Start a blog (content marketing)
  • Sell products & courses

The only thing left to do is to pick a theme. You don’t need the experience to make a professional meditation website.

Note: Every theme comes with great documentation (some with video tutorials) and excellent customer support.

Invest in your health, well-being and – WEBSITE.

Quick Pick: Best Meditation WP Themes

  • Best Overall Meditation Theme: Kriya
  • Best Health, Lifestyle & Wellness Theme: Wellspring
  • Best Meditation & Yoga Theme: Ativo
  • Best Budget Meditation Theme: Yog
  • Most Beautiful Meditation Theme: Anahata
  • Best Oriental Buddhist Temple Theme: Samadhi
  • Best Ayurveda & Meditation Theme: Yoku
  • Best Meditation Temple Theme: Vihara
  • Best Astrology & Esoteric Theme: Mystik
  • Best Meditation Club Theme: Nirvana
  • Best Minimalist Meditation Theme: Hatha
  • Best Fitness & Meditation Theme: Yoga Fit

Best Yoga, Temple, Meditation WordPress Themes

1. Kriya

kriya meditation wordpress theme
What is your purpose? What do you have to be doing to achieve it? Do that with the gorgeous and modern Kriya theme.

Because it’ll give you more satisfaction than ANYTHING else ever will. 🙂

You can easily promote your yoga classes, healing meditation, or live events with Kriya.

It is easy to use and customize – exactly how you wish and imagine (keep your spirit up).

You can use the theme to display your portfolio or write a fantastic blog.

Remember, Kriya includes pre-designed layouts, numerous colors, contact form, various Google fonts, animated sliders, and different inner pages that are all available for you to use.

Suddenly, the world turns sunny!

Yup. From there, you’re all set. I wish you the best of luck in your quest.

Kriya features:

  • 1,800+ sales
  • 4.8+ star ratings
  • Frequents updates & upgrades
  • Block builder compatible
  • Price: $59 (may vary)

2. Wellspring (our fav!)

wellspring meditate wordpress theme
Wasted time is basically time spent lost to your opponents. Don’t waste time and make a decision to build a fabulous and responsive meditation website with WellSpring.

This spiritual and mind-first WordPress theme is powered by everything you need for a fully-equipped site.

Wellspring also comes with many excellent tools such as WPBakery page builder, Slider Revolution, and WooCommerce.


But first, let me start with ready-to-use templates. Wellspring includes twelve beautiful homepages, plus heaps more internal layouts.

From simple blog pages with custom sidebars to full business websites with forums, shops, calculators, timetables, it’s all possible.

Now available to you with a one-click import function! CRAZY.

Are you ready for a quick start?

Wellspring features:

  • 3,100+ sales
  • 4.7+ star ratings
  • Monthly updates
  • Clean & impactul design
  • Price: $79 (may vary)

3. Ativo

ativo meditation wordpress theme
What if I told you Ativo meditation WordPress theme is KIND OF MAGIC? You probably wouldn’t believe me, right? That’s okay… because I’m right.

Let’s find out why.

Ativo is a clean and powerful online weapon with all the necessary features for your meditation and yoga training.

It is stuffed with user-friendly plugins, pre-made pages, useful elements, free updates, and Cookie notice.


I want you to realize how many changes you can do! Change colors. Mix fonts. Navigate the menu. Edit the header. Start the blog. Even translate the whole theme.

You can also activate the RTL theme functon.


Everything is possible with Ativo.

Ativo features:

  • 490+ sales
  • 5-star ratings
  • 100+ help articles
  • Friendly 24/7 support
  • Price: $89 (may vary)

4. Yog

yog meditate body soul wordpress theme
Imagine you were a computer engineer. Writing every line of code from scratch, editing code, and above all, determining the code’s function.

That’s pretty cool.

Now, imagine that you are just an average computer user. No coding knowledge. And yet, with Yog you can control and determine the look and function of your website (100%)!

I get it; this sounds crazy.

You can fully control and completely change your site as you wish and want to with Yog meditation WordPress theme.


Yog will provide you with an amazing collection of pre-design homepages, layouts, and the best features.

Just start meditating on your vision and forget about any design problems.


Yog features:

  • 100+ sales
  • 4.6+ star ratings
  • Yoga & meditation theme
  • Drag-n-drop technique
  • Price: $29 (may vary)

5. Anahata (so beautiful)

anahata meditation wordpress theme
To have a chance to bring peace to your mind through meditation whenever you want is AMAZING.

And now you can introduce this wonderful world of meditation to the whole world with the beautiful Anahata theme.

It comes with a bundle of twelve easy-to-import homepages.


Think about it – so fast, attractive, and 0 worry of coding. GODSENT.

Of course, developers did not forget about powerful timetables, price lists, event calendars, portfolio layouts, and social media integration.

Everything you need for the best presentation and effortless invitation to the old-new customers.

Anahata is more than just a theme – it is a healing meditation lifestyle.

Anahata features:

  • 1,700+ sales
  • 4.2+ star ratings
  • Extremely creative
  • Powerful mega menu
  • Price: $79 (may vary)

6. Samadhi

samadhi meditate wordpress theme
Take a deep breath in and out. Two more.

Now you are at peace and ready to check Samadhi oriental WordPress theme. Let the potential of Samadhi in!

Do you feel the need to tell your story? Promote meditation programs? Showcase your temple?

You have a chance to tell, share, contribute and inspire with Samadhi’s customizable page layouts.

Tailor your site to all your needs and create valuable content for your audience.


Besides, Samadhi is social media integrated to connect with your followers hassle-free.

WOAH! Lots and lots of possibilities, grab Samadhi today!

Samadhi features:


7. Yoku

yoku yoga and meditation wordpress theme
Yoku meditation WordPress theme was designed with elegance and gorgeous details in mind.

It offers amazing customization possibilities – you can edit and configure everything.


If you desire to create a responsive, fast, smooth, and reliable website, you are on the right spot. Yoku works like a charm.

Cool, so now you’re caught up. Not as complex as you thought it’d be, right?

You can also create and sell online courses, stream classes, manage timetables, and publish your blog posts with Yoku. Badass!

On top of that, quick and professional customer support gives the best service ever.

Clapping hands!

Yoku features:

  • 1,000+ sales
  • 4.7+ star ratings
  • Quality check
  • Supports offline classes
  • Price: $64 (may vary)

8. Vihara

vihara meditation and yoga wordpress theme
Vihara is not your traditional meditation WordPress themes. This is the tool that’ll assist you in making things happen if you wanna STAND OUT.

Let’s start with some basics!

Vihara comes with amazing one-click demos, pre-designed pages, blog layouts, different header styles, flexible color settings, and dozens of shortcodes.

Everything that you had in mind for a great and smooth start.


It gets even better. Vihara is translation-ready, SEO-optimized, responsive, and cross-browser compatible.

What’s not to love?

It’s time for you to start building your own meditation and yoga world – online!

Remember, with Vihara, it’s a breeze to make a stunning site. Click the MORE INFO button and create your feature.

Vihara features:

  • 960+ sales
  • 4.7+ star ratings
  • Impactful sliders
  • Custom-made shortcodes
  • Price: $69 (may vary)

9. Mystik

mystik meditation wordpress theme
Are you into healing meditation? Into yoga? Healthy lifestyle?

If you answered yes/aha/yep/okay to any of the above questions, move on, Mystik might not be for you.


If you’re into astrology, horoscope and fortune-telling, that’s when Mystik comes in handy. (Sure, you can use it for meditation, too!)

You can easily share and contribute your knowledge and meditation tips to the whole world over your online presence.

Create your site quickly and easily. No coding, just dragging and dropping.


Mystik is optimized for top-notch performance. 100% responsive and mobile-friendly. Love for all devices ties it all together.

Reach the stars and beyond with Mystik.

Mystik features:

  • 1,100+ sales
  • 4.9+ star ratings
  • Esoteric design
  • Con: Puts a spell on you (joke)
  • Price: $69 (may vary)

10. Nirvana

nirvana meditation wordpress theme
TIP: No matter, what you are searching for, you have to check the beautiful Nirvana meditation WordPress theme.

It is just all about meditation, yoga, balance, relaxation, and strength – YOU!

Say HELLO to three gorgeous homepage demos – modern and fully customizable. You can start to create instantly with one mouse click!

Coding and design knowledge or not – you’re GOOD to go.

On top of that, Nirvana includes the Slider Revolution plugin (NO more boring and static designs) that offers special effects, great animations, and cool video layers.

Trust me: It’s gonna be neat!

Nirvana features:

  • 630+ sales
  • 4.9+ star ratings
  • 6-months free support
  • Online appointment & booking
  • Price: $69 (may vary)

11. Hatha

hatha meditation wordpress theme
Select Hatha meditation WordPress theme and you will gain access to a mysterious and perfectly balanced design (a piece of art).

Hatha is ideal for elegant and modern meditation or yoga studios.

You can add full of practical tools such as timetables, WooCommerce store, working hours list, and even personal testimonials.

A bucket full of helpful features!

A SIMPLE set-up will impress you immediately. And Hatha is customizable, which means that you can change it exactly as you desire.

Super excited about it. (At least we were.)

Of course, friendly customer support is happy to guide and help you anytime!


Hatha features:

  • 390+ sales
  • 4.5+ star ratings
  • Perfect balance of practicality & creativity
  • Section for yoga & meditation teachers
  • Price: $79 (may vary)

12. Yoga Fit

yoga fit theme
Create a pretty website that fits your healthy and healing style. Yoga Fit meditation WordPress theme comes with easy-to-use templates, a selection of shortcodes, and widgets.

Be a good company to your online audience. Share your expertise, tips, or whatever’s on your mind on your personal blog.

So next time a little voice inside says, “Can we share this knowledge?” you can give him an excited SURE!

Also, with Yoga Fit you can design something totally new due to the insane customization possibilities.


How can you start? Pay – Get – Click – Install – Benefit. (You may also want to read our tutorial on how to install a WP theme if it’s your first time.)


Yoga Fit features:

  • 2,600+ sales
  • 4.3+ star ratings
  • Timetable for classes
  • Promote special events
  • Price: $49 (may vary)

FAQs About Meditation WordPress Themes

How do meditation themes promote a serene & calming website experience?

Meditation WordPress themes are designed with tranquility in mind, utilizing calming color schemes, minimalist layouts, and smooth navigation to create a serene online experience.

Can these themes support multimedia content like guided meditation audio & videos?

Yes, meditation themes are equipped to handle multimedia content, allowing for integrating guided meditation audio tracks, video tutorials, and visual aids.

Are meditation WordPress themes optimized for mobile devices?

Yes, meditation WP themes are developed with responsive design principles, ensuring that the website is accessible and performs well on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Do these themes offer features for online courses & workshops?

Yes, many meditation themes include features suitable for online courses and workshops, such as membership areas, course management systems, and event calendars.

How customizable are meditation themes for different wellness brands?

Meditation WordPress themes provide extensive customization options, allowing wellness brands to tailor their websites to their specific vision and branding.


Note: This article was originally published on July 25, 2021. But our team regularly reviews it and updates it with necessary improvements for accuracy.

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