ULTIDA Disclaimer

Snippet: The (external) links on ULTIDA contain our affiliate ID. In short, if you click on the product or service links and make a purchase, we may receive a commission.

This is a % of the total sale that we get from the seller. NO. This doesn’t mean you pay any extra. But it helps us keep ULTIDA alive, continuing to deliver high-end articles and tutorials for the loyal community you are.

Our Advertising Strategy

First. It’s important for us to stay transparent with our visitors, fans, and supporters. Thus, we want to state how we make money clearly. In other words, what funds ULTIDA and keeps it running.

Second. We are not fans of websites stuffed with advertisements, like pop-up and banner ads. That’s why we are keeping ULTIDA as clean as possible.

USERS and QUALITY CONTENT first. All the rest second.

Third. What keeps you running then?

I’m happy that you asked this question. Approx. 80% affiliate marketing (through links) and 20% other methods. These could be (occasional) reviews, listicle inclusions, sponsorships, special (custom, discount) deals.

That’s it!

Affiliate Marketing

If you are not familiar with the term affiliate marketing, here’s how it works:

For simple calculation, let’s assume we promote a $100 product.

  1. After a review (sometimes during) we place a special, affiliate link.
  2. Once you click it, the seller tracks your action with a cookie (on their website).
  3. If you purchase the product we then receive a referral fee. You still pay $100 though (no more).
  4. The referral fees can vary significantly (even up to 30-50%)
  5. If the referral fee is 20%, we then get $20 on the purchase you make.
  6. This is how you support our work. Thank you!

We like using this method because it gives us the chance to provide you value.

We know that our long-lasting professional careers and working with 100s of clients gave us enough knowledge to help you on the journey to YOUR online SUCCESS.

Since our users/visitors always come first, we invest in a long process of picking (testing and reviewing) the winning products and services.

In many cases, we even include items that we actually used for our clients.

With this approach, you’ll primarily see positive reviews, rarely any negatives. Instead, we may add some suggestions and improvements.

Note: We eliminate the bad ones during the review and test phase.


We never include items and services exclusively to make money. We only add those we firmly believe in and skip all the rest.

Hey, we were in the same shoes as you were just a few years ago. We know what it’s like landing on a review page and ending up seeing a very poor product(s).

Sometimes, the link doesn’t even work anymore, or the website you end up visiting is clearly outdated.

That’s why we work just with reputable brands. Those that are TRULY carrying about their users.

Plus, we constantly inspect our articles and update them (if necessary) to keep things fresh.

Other Methods

We do not limit ourselves to other advertising options. But we do limit who we work with.

Be it a review or a listicle inclusion; we won’t accept just any item or service. We may review it, but that does not necessarily mean we will publish it.

Moreover, if someone offers us to sponsor ULTIDA or to seek help to push their special deal, again, we first discuss the cooperation in detail before accepting it.

We Appreciate You

It doesn’t matter if you are searching for free templates, ultimate WordPress themes, premium mockups, want to read tutorials and guides – we are grateful for your visit and support.

We are sharing full transparency with this disclaimer just as we are with every article that we publish.

Our clarity also shows through our about page (where you can also see our contributors).

If you ever have any questions, suggestions, or would like to say HI!, please contact us.

Thank you for your support and time.

Rok Krivec,
Founder of ULTIDA