ULTIDA is the most complete resource of digital assets for beginner and professional creatives.

ULTIDA was created with one goal in mind: to build the most comprehensive and easy-to-digest resource for all types of digital assets.

These could be WordPress themes, website templates, plugins, mockups, website builders, and so on.

In short, with the help from ULTIDA, you will get anything and everything that will help you start your online project, create promotional material, or simply wow your fans on social media.

And if you are building a website or an eCommerce page, you will find all the tools, including web hosting.

With our short reviews and highlights of items, services and other digital goods, you will find EXACTLY what you are looking for much quicker.

Why Is ULTIDA Different?

We don’t just write random reviews that take minutes to complete, but:

  • Spend weeks/months testing items
  • Include digital assets that we actually use (for ourselves or our clients)
  • Conduct research via social media/newsletter response
  • Include recommendations/suggestions
  • Include likes (dislikes)

Note: We usually test 5x-10x (sometimes even more) more products than the final collection contains.

This allows us to eliminate the bad ones and focus only on the good ones. Thus, our reviews are positive and not critical (minor dislikes).

There is creative power within all of us – sometimes, you just need an extra kick to boost your workflow through the roof.

For any questions, suggestions, or if you would like to do business with us, please contact us.

Meet The Team


nick matthaiou

Nick Matthaiou

Nick earned his bachelor’s degree in Archaeology from Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece. He believes his studies enriched his imagination and helped him stand out from everyone else. However, the MA in Buildings Archaeology in York, U.K., gave Nick not only the technical skills of a graphic designer, but also a deeper understanding of the English language. It was an opportunity to write numerous assessments and archaeological articles. Since 2019, Nick works as a full-time freelance writer.

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petra boh

Petra Boh

Petra exclusively focuses on testing and reviewing WordPress themes and plugins. She built her first (dream) site in 2016. She says: “I was in the same shoes as you are now! Searching, looking, reading, deciding – slowly discovering the world of WordPress and endless possibilities of themes and plugins.” She hopes (and knows!) that her views, knowledge and experience will guide you in making the right decisions to enjoy the amazing wonders of the online world.

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ales krivec

Ales Krivec

Ales has been in love with computers ever since he got Amiga 500 almost 30 years ago. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer science from Ljubljana University, Slovenia. In 2010 he co-founded PremiumCoding, a website that makes awesome WordPress themes that are also for sale on ThemeForest. In the past few years, he focused mainly on combining web design, code and photography into a seamless experience.

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brenda barron

Brenda Barron

Brenda is a freelance writer from southern California. Her work has appeared on numerous tech and web development websites. When she’s not creating content, she participates in about a million hobbies and spends time with her family.

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rok krivec

Rok Krivec

Rok decided to put his original approach and vision into action by starting ULTIDA, thanks to his extensive experience with web development and design since 2011. Working with 100s of clients made his subconscious mind think of nothing but themes, HTML, plugins, mockups, etc. How Rok organizes his mind chaos? Coffee and black metal.

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