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9 Best Pilates WordPress Themes (Tested 2024)

pilates wordpress themes

Sooo, I feel very Olympic today, bringing you the best pilates WordPress themes you’ve been requesting.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do any pilates when reviewing the WordPress themes, but I flipped them upside down during testing.

Only then was I able to pick the best nine (out of 35 tested), promising you a fast and easy pilates website building experience.

You got this like a BOSS, even if it’s your first site.

Note: While there aren’t that many pilates-exclusive themes available, I also sneak in such for yoga and meditation. Don’t these activities go very well hand in hand? I think so!

This post covers:

You now have everything you need to successfully create a business website and take your pilates thing to the next level.

Quick-Pick: My Best WP Themes For Pilates:

  • Best Overall Pilates Theme: Ativo
  • Best Pilates & Yoga Theme: Anahata
  • Best Pilates & Fitness Theme: Do Yoga
  • Best Pilates WPBakery Theme: Nirvana
  • Best Health & Gym Theme: Fitness Club
  • Best Pilates & Ayurveda Theme: Yoku
  • Best Pilates Elementor Theme: Prana Yoga
  • Best Pilates WooCommerce Theme: Yoga Fit
  • Best Pilates & Personal Trainer Theme: Jogasana

Best Yoga & Pilates WordPress Themes

1. Ativo

ativo pilates wordpress theme
Want to jump straight to the action?! With Ativo WordPress theme, you can!

There are plenty of benefits you get with Ativo such as one-click demo content import, responsive design, SEO optimization (Google’s best friend), and translation-ready files. Even a child theme is added.

Plus, can I brag about a bundle of plugins for a sec!?? Buckle up (!), outstanding Elementor WP page builder and WooCommerce are here for you (best-kept online tools).

Events, classes, and booking forms?

YES, it includes everything for quick and simple use.

But wait, there’s more: With lifetime updates, Ativo has your back (and body) forever!

Ativo features:


2. Anahata

anahata pilates and yoga wordpress theme
I highly recommend Anahata pilates WordPress theme for everyone who wants to build a great-looking site (high-quality). Of course, you can grow, shape, and change Anahata exactly as you wish.

Imagine having twelve ready-to-use homepages to choose from?! With Anahata you have – I know, crazy how many beautiful possibilities are waiting for you.

You can easily create timetables, events and schedule your classes with EVERYTHING ONLINE.

Just relieve yourself of unnecessary stress and think happy thoughts of movement instead.

Here’s my pitch: Pilates is phenomenal!

Anahata is 100% responsive, ready for all kinds of screens and devices. Next level.

Check Anahata (your perfect solution) out.

Anahata features:


3. Do Yoga

do yoga pilates wordpress theme
The first thing I notice whenever I go on Do Yoga preview is how gorgeous it looks!

Do Yoga pilates WordPress theme lays out everything you need in an easy-to-grasp way. It features 100s of fonts, unlimited colors, animations, fantastic building blocks, blog layouts, and portfolio styles.

You can showcase special projects, events, and even sell your products.


As for drag-and-drop functionality (see changes as you make them), you can edit pages, add content, set plugins, and if you really want, you can even change code yourself (dangerous in the best possible way).

And very, very handy comes SEO optimization to help you set up your posts to be as Google-friendly as possible. Honestly a must.

Let’s Do Yoga (it)!

Do Yoga features:


4. Nirvana

nirvana pilates yoga wordpress theme
Flex your creative muscles and create a COOL website with a modern Nirvana WordPress theme.

The best part: A TON of features and opportunities are here for you!

You can produce and showcase high-quality content (advance blog settings included) about the workout, lifestyle, and pilates with Nirvana.


Make sure to check out stunning homepages, multiple pre-made styles, flexible layouts, and custom shortcodes.

Nirvana is optimized for the best performance.

Oh, and you don’t have to worry about Nirvana updates (never again!) due to permanently providing them. Clapping hands to top-notch developers!

Stretch with (Nirvana) strength and control.

Nirvana features:


5. Fitness Club

fitness club pilates wordpress theme
Pilates friends, do you want a beautiful and responsive website??? YOU NEED ONE!

And you know what? I know which one you need 🙂 Let me introduce you to the Fitness Club pilates WordPress theme.

Use pre-made design, gorgeous layouts, dark or light header, add widgets, and reposition the menu. Fitness Club adapts to all your desires. I am excited for you! 👌

Fitness Club also has a fantastic set of custom icons – crafted especially for workouts. YEAH, Pretty COOL.

Plus, you can showcase your professional portfolio or create a useful online shop (add as many products as you would like).

YUP, it is a set-it-and-enjoy-it assignment.

And great NEWS: Fitness Club is as well translation-ready (NO language limit – a big deal).

Just get ON it.

Fitness Club features:


6. Yoku

yoku pilates yoga wordpress theme
Yoku pilates WordPress theme is elegant, modern, and breathtaking.

You can turn your site into anything you wish, from fundamental to advanced theme options (600+) (all it takes are some magic clicks).

This flexible ownership is part of Yoku, and you don’t need to be a coding expert to work with it. Yoku is totally beginner-friendly.

And, thanks to the shape divider, you can fully control the display of sections on your homepage.

Just add different shapes, colors, or backgrounds, and voila. You now have a well transparent homepage.

Of course, you can also live-stream your classes, create timetables, quizzes or ask questions to your audience. JOY.

Um, YES, come on in!

Yoku features:


7. Prana Yoga

prana yoga pilates theme
Build your website with a stunning Prana Yoga pilates theme and VA-VA-VOOM it’s there (HI online world!) – for everyone, all the time.

What a COOL feeling!

SO, for example, you could create a teacher’s profile, online classes, valuable blog, or your professional portfolio (pre-designed sample content included), and anyone can come on your site to learn about your business and more.

Happy brainstorming!

Let the productive fun start with amazing premium widgets (tons of them), unique icons, and numerous plugins (pure bliss).

All these ready solutions are waiting for you inside Prana Yoga.

Boom! You also get automatic updates for FREE. If not now, when?

Prana Yoga features:

  • 120+ sales
  • 5/5 star rating
  • Drag & drop builder
  • Easy installation wizard
  • Price: $69 (may vary)

However, our how to install a WordPress theme guide may also interest your if you’re a first-timer.


8. Yoga Fit

yoga fit pilates wordpress theme
This theme is so flexible that can do pilates with you! By all means, Yoga Fit pilates WordPress theme has everything you need for a professional and pretty website.

You can simply create diverse pages, add elements, set useful plugins, and go through a massive collection of shortcodes.

Of course, you can showcase stunning sliders of workouts with amazing Slider Revolution (included 100% free).


Yoga Fit also implements a special SEO-friendly tool – it’s all about getting more traffic on your website and getting only better and better with this excellent optimization. MEGA!

Plus, everyone deserves premium customer support from Yoga Fit (so PRO).

Get yourself Yoga Fit and keep going! (You’ll thank yourself later.)

Yoga Fit features:

  • 2,600+ sales
  • 4.3/5 star rating
  • One-page layout support
  • 100% customizable
  • Price: $49 (may vary)

9. Jogasana

jogasana pilates wordpress theme
With Jogasana pilates WordPress theme (really well-designed!) you have full of eyeball-grabbing chances to present your work (content), talent (portfolio), and even organize online classes (hurray!).

Let’s start by flipping through some of the basics of what Jogasana includes.

It comes with four ready-to-use homepages, numerous inner pages, three types of blogs, and useful additional pages (about, team members, FAQ, and more).

You can install demos with one simple click (I know this is GOLD), plus all pre-made designs are fully customizable.

YES, you have full design control even if you are totally new to building sites. NO coding experiences are necessary to work with Jogasana.


Make pilates attractive for people with Jogasana.

Jogasana features:

  • 690+ sales
  • 4.8/5 star rating
  • Pricing tables
  • Testimonials
  • Price: $69 (may vary)

8 Must-Haves Of A Great Pilates Website

So, you want to have the best pilates website? Then you need to ensure that it features (at least!) these eight essentials!

I know it’s a lot but stick with me.

These were also the features I used when picking the best themes for this list.

And that’s why choosing a WordPress theme for your pilates business is so crucial – because it saves you A LOT of time.

Plus, you don’t need experience with design and development.

How I Picked The Best WordPress Pilates Themes

  1. Mobile optimized layout: The first thing comes a responsive design that needs to adjust to every modern screen instantaneously. Not just that but it needs to remain the amazing look across all devices for an always great experience.
  2. Fast loading: Your website also need to load fast to ensure excellent performance. I chose themes that are lightweight by testing them with the super convenient Pingdom Tools. But we also have a complete tutorial on how to pick a fast WordPress theme if you need additional info.
  3. Portfolio: You should put your images and videos on display somehow. And that’s when a gorgeous portfolio comes into play. (Which, by the way, comes with a WP theme!)
  4. Pricing: It’s a great practice if you are transparent with all your site visitors and potential clients/students regarding pricing. For this reason, I highly recommend you use a pricing table where you share how much your pilates lessons or any other service you offer cost. Pricing usually comes integrated into the theme, but you can also check this list of the best WordPress pricing table plugins in case you’d like extra options.
  5. Online booking: Instead of keeping it the old-school way, introduce an online booking system, so everyone can easily make a booking directly through your website. No phone calls, no emails – yup, super organized! We also have a list of the best WordPress booking plugins to expand functionality.
  6. Blog: I know you already give a lot to your clients through your epic pilates classes, but wanna give some more? Start a blog where you share tips, tricks, spirituality, nutrition, well, you decide. But running a blog can do you OH SO well.
  7. About me: It’s also necessary to create a dedicated About me page where you share your story, how you got into pilates, etc.
  8. Contact: And lastly, include a contact form that folks can use to reach out to your. But you can also include a clickable phone number and Google Maps if you run a pilates studio to showcase its location.

Note: You can also read how to choose a WordPress theme, an extensive guide Ales prepared.

I knew I had forgotten something!

Don’t skip adding testimonials because they build trust and can increase your clientele.

You can make it happen with these best WordPress testimonial plugins. (Or use a theme’s built-in function.)

FAQs About Pilates WordPress Themes

How Should a Pilates WordPress Theme Showcase Classes & Schedules?

A Pilates WordPress theme should showcase classes and schedules through an easy-to-read timetable or calendar. Integration with scheduling tools is also beneficial, allowing clients to view available classes, book sessions, and even pay online.

What Visual Elements are Key in a Pilates WordPress Theme?

Key visual elements in a Pilates WordPress theme include high-quality images or videos of classes and exercises, a clean and calming color scheme, and a layout that emphasizes space and serenity.

Is Blogging Functionality Important in Pilates WordPress Themes?

Yes, blogging functionality is important in Pilates WordPress themes. A blog allows instructors to share exercise tips, health and wellness articles, and studio updates, helping to establish their expertise, engage with their community, and improve search engine optimization (SEO).

Can Pilates WordPress Themes Integrate with Social Media?

Pilates WordPress themes can and often do integrate with social media. This integration allows studios to connect with clients on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, sharing updates, class photos, and promotional content.

Are Testimonial Sections Useful in Pilates WordPress Themes?

Testimonial sections are very useful in Pilates WordPress themes. Featuring client testimonials can build trust and credibility, showing potential clients the positive experiences and results achieved by others. This social proof can be influential in attracting new clients.


Note: This article was originally published on November 22, 2021. But our team regularly reviews it and updates it with necessary improvements for accuracy.

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