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23 Best Tea Mockups + Free (In 2024)

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After researching tea mockups for weeks, I couldn’t find the ultimate list, so I decided to create one, gathering the best of the best.

Here, you will find everything, from tea boxes and bags to cups, packaging, and – of course – free tea mockups.

I also added different styles of mockups – layered PSD files (Adobe Photoshop) and online mockups generators.

YES, there is a way to create a mockup without Photoshop! (I like this option the most.)

Price, life-like look, and ease-of-use are unbeatable – and that’s what makes this the ULTIMATE LIST.


You will do yourself a big favor when opting for a mockup, as it will save you plenty of time yet remain your professional workflow intact.

BOOST it to the next level.

Best Tea Mockup Generators

1. 24 oz mug mockup of a woman drinking tea

24 oz mug mockup of a woman drinking tea
Let’s kick things off with a few more random mockups for the tea enthusiasts.

Still, they are NOT random, they are, in fact, highly photorealistic, delivering an impressive experience.

Create a LIFE-LIKE cup design that will take you little time to realize with this neat mockup generator.

You can also change the color of the mug and even append some extra text if necessary.

Note: Don’t miss our tutorial on how to make a mug mockup.

Price: $7.95


2. Mug mockup of a bearded and tattooed man drinking tea

mug mockup of a bearded and tattooed man drinking tea
Enjoying a morning cup of tea and some social media, THAT’S WHAT’S up when it comes to this tattooed dude’s routine.

But you can now use him to present your mug design and trigger everyone’s attention.

Thanks to Placeit, you can speedily come up with the final solution. You don’t need Photoshop to start working on your mockup.

Instead, just slide in your image, change the mug color and that’s it.

Price: $7.95


3. Woman drinking tea from 11 oz glass mug

woman drinking tea from 11 oz glass mug
If you are particularly searching for a glass tea cup mockup to brand it with your design – HERE YOU GO.

This easy-to-use solution will get you moving forward immediately.

What’s cool, you can fully improve it online, using your favorite web browser.

Even when it comes to adding your design or logo, you get to upload it from your device directly.

You can also create a mockup on your mobile device.

Price: $7.95


4. Mug of tea mockup on a kitchen counter

mug of tea mockup on a kitchen counter
A fresh cup of tea on the kitchen counter is waiting for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you would like to create a mug for promotional intention or your online store, this and other alternatives are great for making the magic happen.

You need to have ZERO experience designing stuff; however, you need to have the image or logo ready.

Otherwise, what would you add to the mug?


Price: $7.95


5. Mockup of a woman holding a tea mug in her bed

mockup of a woman holding a tea mug in her bed
A woman getting cozy in the morning with her favorite tea. It’s a pretty straight-in-your-face tea mockup with quick editing functionality to improve it in little to no time.

Also, even though the template is vertical, you can easily crop it afterward, making it square or horizontal, thanks to the high resolution.

If you are ready, the mockup is ready at times 10.

Price: $7.95


Best Tea Box Mockups

6. Tea dispenser box mockup

tea dispenser box mockup
As you noticed by now, this is the most COMPLETE collection of tea mockups, covering everything for your convenience.

This beautiful tea box PSD mockup set consists of ten different files.

Along with the box, you can also design the tea bag, making a full-blown tea branding for yourself or your client.

There are also three textures, three layer styles and a 100% editable background. You. Are. In. For. A. Treat.

Price: $8


7. Tea box mockup

tea box psd mockup
Grab this set of eight PSD files of tea box mockups and create a photorealistic presentation like a CHAMP.

Everything is editable and configurable to the very last detail.

You can modify the outside and the inside of the box, add any design you want, and improve the background – WHATEVER YOU WANT.

You also get both opened and closed box variations – just in case.

Price: $8


8. Wooden tea box logo mockup

wooden tea box logo mockup
Here is something more on the EXCLUSIVE side – a wooden tea box mockup. I bet you did not expect this one in the collection.

I just wanted to try and collect as many different professional alternatives as possible for you.

You can edit the tea box and bags, making a spectacular outcome that will wow everyone. Note, there are nine PSD files at 3872 x 2592px.

Price: $7


Best Tea Bag Mockups

9. 7 x tea bag PSD mockup

7 tea bag psd mockup
You definitely do not want to keep your tea bags bland, without branding. That’s when this set of high-resolution PSD mockups comes into play.

With seven different designs, you can create multiple variations that you can use for social promotions and newsletters – you name it.

There’s even a tea bag in hand mockup. Also, the bags come in two different styles, traditional and pyramid.

Price: $7


10. Tea bag + empty white label vector mockps

tea bag empty white label vector mockps
Just in case you need more variations of tea bags, here are two extra: pyramid and rectangle.

Some say a pyramid-shaped tea bag lets the water better absorb the herbbetter, but the rectangle style is the most widespread.

You can create a presentation of a tea bag with or without the herbs in it.

Price: $8


11. Realistic tea bag (white background)

realistic tea bag white background
Just another simple vector tea bag mockup on isolated white background.

You get both JPG and EPS files in the kit, with a simple and user-friendly structure, so both beginners and professionals can get the most out of it.

Price: $8


Best Tea Cup Mockups

12. Mockup of a 15 oz mug with a tea infuser

mockup of a 15 oz mug with a tea infuser
Tea cups can work for so many different objectives – and there’s no need to use them just for the tea.

They even come in great as a present and, even better, for promotional material.

Here is a cool vertical mockup of a tea cup with an infuser both in hand and a solid background. That red backdrop definitely makes it all stand out even more.

Price: $7.95


13. Mockup of an 11 oz mug with hot tea

mockup of an 11 oz mug with hot tea
A highly photorealistic tea mug mockup with a wooden spoon a cup of milk. Anyone FANCY English tea?

This online mockup generator comes with four separate color pickers for mug, coaster, teapot and background.

With that in mind, you can make it as colorful as possible. Of course, don’t forget to slide in your cup design (950 x 1129px).

Can it get any HOTTER?

Price: $7.95


14. Mockup of a tea cup in a tea set

mockup of a tea cup in a tea set
A beautiful and MINIMALIST tea set mockup with editable cup both with a color and a design.

As for the color, the generator allows you to change only the cup, not the platter.

Additionally, you can select any design you would like to add to the top from your device, crop and reposition it if necessary and call it a day.

Even though these are the main editing functions, you can still add some text to the template if necessary.

Price: $7.95


15. Mockup of an enamel mug with a tea bag label

mockup of an enamel mug with a tea bag label
Here’s a beautiful enamel mug mockup with a tea label and heaps of customization functions.

FIRST, you can improve both the mug and the label with your custom design and color choice.

SECOND, the mockup allows you to pick any background shade you want, even add floating tea leaves or something else to it.

And THIRD, there’s also a possibility to include custom text.

Price: $7.95


16. Cup mockup of a bearded senior having tea

cup mockup of a bearded senior having tea
Here’s a bearded senior with a tea cup in his hand, a black long sleeve and black glasses. This one appears extremely photorealistic and no one will even notice you are using a mockup.

Instead of doing all the work the hard way, grab an online mockup generator and save plenty of time and energy.

You can even test things first for free and go from there.

Price: $7.95


Best Free Tea Mockups

This collection of the best tea mockups wouldn’t be complete without a few free alternatives.

Keep in mind, while some allow you to use them both for personal and commercial use, that’s not always the case.

You better read the rules first to avoid any inconvenience.

17. Metallic tea jar PSD mockup

metallic tea jar psd mockup
With an excellent appearance and great resolution, you can now take this metallic tea jar mockup to your total advantage.

It comes as a PSD file with a smart object, so you know improving it will be a little breeze.

Everything is editable, so there’s no need to hold back – rather, go FULL-TILT.


18. Free tea session mockup

free tea session mockup
Sugar, a cup of tea, tea bag and tea box, that’s all that comes with this free mockup.

You get a layered PSD file, which helps you locate different elements quickly for a swift customization process.

Create a tea session experience for everyone to enjoy with a mockup now.


19. Isometric tea party scene mockup

isometric tea party scene mockup
To some extent, this free tea mockup comes in a similar style to its predecessor with a few mods.

In short, if you like this one more, go for it – but you can also download both, customize them and then pick the winner. So. Many. Options.


20. Free tea packaging box mockup

free tea packaging box mockup
If you currently specialize in designing a tea box, here’s a free PSD template that comes at a high resolution of 6800 x 5000px.

This mockup will present your design beautifully no matter how detailed it is – even when ZOOMING.


21. Tin box tea packaging PSD mockup

tin box tea packaging psd mockup
A mockup of a tin box full of delicious tea and a business card can now be yours free of charge.

Thanks to the large dimension (4000 x 3200px), this PSD file ensures great detalization, which will undoubtedly impress everyone.

You can now quickly modify the tin and the card thanks to the smart object functionality.


22. Free tea mug PSD mockup

free tea mug psd mockup
If enamel mugs are your favorite, here is the free mockup that allows you to design one in just a few clicks.

A predefined template, layered structure, and smart objects will take you little time to realize your idea.

There’s also a tea bag, which only spices things up with an even more realistic appearance.


23. Free organic tea pack mockup in PSD

free organic tea pack mockup in psd
Since I haven’t yet added an organic tea packaging mockup to this list, here is the free solution that will do the trick.

What’s super awesome is that you get TWO SCENES instead of one.

You can use them to showcase both the front and the back design of the pack – even add a side design. By the way, the background color is adjustable, too.


How To Create A Tea Mockup?

I recommend using an online mockup generator if you want the fastest result.

It doesn’t require software, and you don’t even need any skills. It’s all just a matter of some clicking – and having FUN.

After all the options I ever tested, Placeit is still my favorite platform.

4 Easy Steps To Make A Tea Mockup:

  1. Step 1: Visit Placeit and use the search bar to find your perfect tea template for the project you’re working on.
  2. Step 2: Open it and import your design via the “insert image” button. A popup will open, allowing you to change the location and resize the design. Click “crop” when done.
  3. Step 3: You can now activate other functions, like the color picker, using a different background and creating a text overlay (even a (custom) graphic!).
  4. Step 4: Click “download” once done and your job is done.

While the process when using a PSD is equally simple, you still need Photoshop to make it happen.

First, open Photoshop and import the mockup.

Second, slide in your design via the smart object layer. It’s only a matter of dragging and dropping it.

Third, benefit from the layered structure that allows you to customize and adjust the default settings however you want. Modify the background, the colors, the everything.

Fourth, save and download!

Easy, right?

FAQs About Tea Mockups

How do tea mockups assist in packaging design?

Tea mockups are crucial for visualizing and refining packaging designs, allowing designers to experiment with different colors, fonts, and images. This helps create attractive and informative packaging that appeals to tea consumers and communicates the brand’s identity.

Can tea mockups accommodate different types of tea packaging?

Yes, tea mockups can accommodate various types of tea packaging, including tea bags, loose leaf tea pouches, tins, and boxes. This versatility is important for showcasing how designs adapt to different packaging styles and sizes.

Are tea mockups useful for displaying flavor varieties and descriptions?

Tea mockups are extremely useful for displaying different flavor varieties and descriptions. They provide space for text and images that convey the type of tea and its flavor profile, which is essential for customer decision-making.

How accurate are color representations in tea mockups?

Color representations in tea mockups are generally accurate, but designers should be aware of potential variations in color due to printing processes and different screen displays. For exact color matching, physical samples are recommended.

Do tea mockups allow for previewing eco-friendly or sustainable packaging materials?

Many tea mockups allow for previewing eco-friendly or sustainable packaging materials, such as biodegradable pouches or recycled paper boxes. This feature is precious for brands prioritizing environmental sustainability in their packaging.

How can I make my tea mockup stand out?

Use high-quality images and realistic textures. Pay attention to the colors and branding elements to make the design pop and feel authentic.


Note: This article was originally published on April 26, 2021. But our team regularly reviews it and updates it with necessary improvements for accuracy.

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