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19 Best Paper Cup Mockups (Tested 2024)

paper cup mockups

Enjoy the most versatile collection of the best paper cup mockups for coffee and tea brands, even food packaging.

I used most of them on many active projects but tested the rest for this list exclusively.

You can NOW make a life-like paper cup showcase QUICKLY and EFFORTLESSLY, thanks to mockups.

This post covers:

Easier final product visualization, social promotions, newsletters, online stores, you name it – use these templates however you want.

The options are ENDLESS.

Get original and make a paper cup that everyone will want to grab.

Note: You’ll also like my collection of the best cup holder mockups.

Best Paper Cup Mockup Generators

Placeit generators cost $7.95. (Or save money and opt for a monthly ($14.95/month) or yearly ($89.69/year) subscription.)

1. Mockup of several coffee cups

mockup of several coffee cups
For a collection of paper cups, this is the mockup that you should not miss. With three different stacks come three different designs.

For the latter, you import straight from your device, crop and reposition if NECESSARY and that’s it.

In addition to that, you can also change the color of each stack of eco cups individually.

Moreover, if you’d like to modify the background, by all means, go ahead and do it. (Or make it transparent.)


2. Mockup of a paper cup next to donuts

mockup of a paper cup next to donuts
Here is a cool paper cup mockup, ideal for the coffee industry. A morning without a cup of fresh joe and some donuts is not the morning you deserve.

It is an easy-to-use alternative that you can now brand and modify to your liking accordingly.

You can change the color of the cup and import any design or logo to it you want.

In addition to that, it’s ALSO possible to add some compelling text to make the presentation even more engaging.


3. Mockup featuring three coffee paper cups

mockup featuring three coffee paper cups
Here are three large paper cups for coffee (but these can WORK just as well for tea or even something else).

They are on a rustic surface, which makes the overall showcase even more appealing to the eye.

As for the customization, it’s really plain and simple. First, you can change the color by hitting the color picker and choosing any tint you want.

The color will change on all three cups simultaneously, excluding the cover. Similarly, you add the design to all three items in just a click.


4. Paper food cups mockup

paper food cups mockup
In this collection of mockups, you will find such for drinks, as well as for food packaging. This one in particular is for ICE CREAM cups with a transparent lid.

What’s cool about the mockup is that you can keep or remove the paper cup content.

Moreover, you enjoy modifying and improving the mockup to the very last detail. You can insert different designs to the cups and the label individually.

Of course, you can also alter the backdrop with color or make it transparent.


5. Coffee bag, paper cup and a burlap bag mockup

coffee bag paper cup and a burlap bag mockup
A COMPLETE coffee branding mockup featuring paper bag, paper cup and linen bag.

There’s also a spoon, coffee beans and a cup of fresh coffee, but you cannot edit these.

The other three items accept edits and configurations. You can style them with any color and design choice you want.

These days, you don’t need to be a professional designer to create outstanding mockup presentations.

Use a ready-made template and enjoy a smooth creation that will wow and impress everyone.


6. Mockup of a woman holding a paper cup

mockup of a woman holding a paper cup
Another great paper cup mockup of a woman, posing with her favorite coffee from her favorite coffee shop.

This template creates a highly photorealistic outcome that will not even feel like it’s a mockup.

To your luck, you can now test things out right away without the need to create a free Placeit account.

However, for a SMOOTHER workflow, I encourage you to create an account, as it only takes a few clicks to make it happen.

From then on, you are welcome to play with Placeit’s designs full-force.


7. Artistic paper cup mockup

artistic paper cup mockup
If you would like to go against the grain with a paper cup presentation that doesn’t look too traditional and boring, here is a mockup that will do the trick.

It is a FUN way of displaying a cup design that will undoubtedly trigger everyone’s attention right from the get-go.

As for the editing capabilities, you can attribute an image or artwork to the cup and change the color of the cup and the background.

At this point, you are already ready to rock and roll with a stunning exhibition.


8. Realistic mockup of a paper cup

realistic mockup of a paper cup
For a more close-up presentation of a paper cup, this is the mockup that will get you moving in the right direction.

It is a PRACTICAL alternative that anyone can take to their total advantage.

Whether you know how to work with mockups or not, you will execute a real masterpiece easily.

It only takes you some clicking to make things happen. You can start with inserting your design or logo, which you upload straight from your device.

From there, you go to changing the color of the cup and even add some text if necessary.


9. Mockup of a paper cup on coffee beans

mockup of a paper cup on coffee beans
Here’s a cool way of emphasizing the branding of your coffee shop or coffee brand.

The mockup features a paper cup on coffee beans, making the presentation very appealing to the eye – and tasty.

While you cannot edit the background – the beans – you can edit the cup. You can individually change the color of the lid and the main compartment.

On top of that, you can also BEAUTIFY it with any cup design idea you have. On the other hand, a logo will work, too.


10. Paper cup on a skateboard mockup

paper cup on a skateboard mockup
A modern and energetic paper cup mockup on a skateboard. If you’d like to go against the grain with the presentation of your cup design, this one will surely do the trick.

It is easy to use, making sure that every user gets the most out of it without a sweat.

Let’s face it, all you need to do is some clicking and voila; your mockup is all set to IMPRESS your client or customers.

You can use it in blogs, social media, newsletters, everywhere – even print it.


11. Man holding an eco-friendly paper cup mockup

man holding an eco-friendly paper cup mockup
This is one of the finest paper cups in hand mockups that you can get. It is clean, bold and impactful, ensuring grabbing everyone’s interest immediately.

What’s cool, it does not take much work to modify it with your custom design and color choice.

Along with styling the paper cup to YOUR LIKING, you can also activate the “add text” function, which allows you to attach a message in different fonts.

For text, you can also choose text color and background color.


12. Two large paper cups with a customizable lid mockup

two large paper cups with a customizable lid mockup
Paper cups are also great for food delivery, as they store soups and other food delicacies conveniently.

If that’s something you are currently working on – a paper cup branding design – here is the mockup that CALLS for a life-like presentation.

There’s a lot of editing that you can do by employing this beginner-friendly online generator and make a mockup without Photoshop.

You can improve both paper cups individually, change the color of the label and even adjust the background.

Another great feature is the ability to add or remove the paper cup content.


13. Coffee cup mockup featuring a jar and spilled beans

coffee cup mockup featuring a jar and spilled beans
For a more crowded presentation of a paper cup, here is a mockup that you should not miss.

Also, it features a landscape format which can work great for profile, slider and header image creations.

But really, you can use it for anything YOUR HEART desires. The mockup dimension is large, so you can even cut sections out.

You can change the color of the cups, add a design to both and even stick an image to the jar. With little work, you can create a real masterpiece.


14. Coffee cup mockup featuring a barista

coffee cup mockup featuring a barista
Coffee shops and brands, here is a magnificent paper cup mockup that will help you make an IMMEDIATE difference.

It features a barista pouring milk into the freshly brewed coffee, creating a beautiful heart.

The photorealistic effect of this mockup is at level eleven. And when it comes to improving the cup, you do it with two clicks.

One is for changing the color and one is for appending a design. Optionally, you can also add text and create a call-to-action.


15. Coffee paper cup and a bag mockup

coffee paper cup and a bag mockup
A paper cup is widely in use for coffee-to-go. Design your own now with this minimalist mockup that also features a paper bag and a few coffee beans.

With the beginner-friendly customization process, it will be a little breeze to configure the default settings with your creative ideas.

You can change the color of both items and the background by choosing the tints you FANCY from the color picker.

Besides, you can slide in any design you want individually to the cup and to the bag.


Best Paper Cup PSD Mockups

16. Coffee branding mockup

coffee branding mockup
Take coffee branding to the NEXT level with this practical collection of twelve PSD files. There are multiple items that you can decorate, like paper cup, bag, business card, napkin, coaster and the list goes on.

You can use these mockup templates for anything and everything, whether it’s social media or to showcase your creations to your client.

Moreover, each file comes at a high-resolution of 4000 x 6000px.

They also feature smart objects, so you know sliding in your designs, logos and other artwork will be a piece of cake.

Price: $12


17. Coffee cup Photoshop mockup

coffee cup photoshop mockup
With these five different coffee cup mockups, you can create a life-like branding showcase. Every section of the paper cup is editable with colors and designs.

That said, make sure you don’t hold back and go as creative as you want, composing your dream cup comfortably.

You can hide and show shadows, alter the background, add sleeve, show/hide beans and even use the coffee splash effect – the options are endless.

Besides the main layered PSD files, you also get a help file for an EASIER workflow.

Price: $7


18. Coffee paper cup branding mockup

coffee paper cup branding mockup
There’s a similar paper cup mockup that you can use above (online generator) but if you’d like to take things to the extremes, this collection of eight files will do the trick.

Each presentation has a rustic/vintage feel to it, which only spices things up when it comes to grabbing viewers’ attention.

EXCELLENT layering, smart objects and high-quality resolution are the three main characteristics of this set.

Keep in mind, these are all real product images, so you cannot edit the background.

Price: $12


19. Coffee paper cup PSD mockup

coffee paper cup psd mockup
This is one of the most complete paper cup mockup sets that you can get.

It features a whopping collection of 24 PSD files, fifteen background textures, four filters and more.

You can edit the cup to the very last detail and even use special effects for a more engaging presentation.

You can also create CRISP CLEAN close-ups that will display your designs and logos in great detail due to the amazing quality.

Make a photorealistic presentation that will wow and impress everyone now.

Price: $8


How To Create A Paper Cup Mockup?

Here’s my take on the simplest and speediest creation of a life-like paper cup presentation.

For this reason, we’ll use an online mockup generator because it only requires a few clicks to make it happen.

In the best-case scenario, making a mockup takes you a few seconds.

And in the worst-case scenario, you’ll maybe need to spend a minute.

So. Fast.

Make A Paper Cup Mockup In 6 Steps:

  1. Step 1: Go to Placeit where you can find plenty of photorealistic templates to choose for your project. And what’s best, you can test all of them free of charge. However, I recommend you create a free account because of the simplified workflow.
  2. Step 2: Click the mockup you like so it opens all the handy configurations.
  3. Step 3: Before you start clicking all over the place, I recommend you first click on the “insert image” button. This allows you to test your design on the desired mockup. Hey, you may end up testing a few templates before you find the ultimate one. I always do this process and sometimes experiment with up to ten mockups. But that’s OK!
  4. Step 4: Once you upload your design, a window will open where you can crop and reposition it according to your liking. (I find the live preview handy because you can see “live results” instantly.) Then click “crop.”
  5. Step 5: You can now activate other functions, like changing the colors, adjusting the background (where possible), adding a text overlay and spicing things up with a (custom) graphic.
  6. Step 6: When satisfied with your creation, click “download” to save it and use it.

While using a mockup generator is my FAV, working with a PSD template is also a little breeze.

Pick the mockup you dig, open Photoshop, and import it.

You now need to search for the smart object layer, which allows you to insert your design (you can drag and drop it).

The organized layered structure of each PSD template from the list above ensures effortless customization of colors, background, adjusting shadows, etc.

Save and download your outcome, and that’s the entire work considered done!

You’re welcome.

FAQs About Paper Cup Mockups

What is the Purpose of Using Paper Cup Mockups?

Paper cup mockups are used primarily for visualizing and presenting designs realistically. They are handy for graphic designers, branding agencies, and businesses to showcase their logos, patterns, or advertising messages on paper cups before production.

Can Paper Cup Mockups Be Adjusted for Different Cup Sizes?

Yes, paper cup mockups can be adjusted for various cup sizes. Many mockup templates are designed to be flexible and scalable, allowing designers to modify them to fit different dimensions, from small espresso cups to large coffee or soda cups.

How User-Friendly Are Paper Cup Mockups for Beginners?

Most paper cup mockups are user-friendly and can be easily utilized by beginners. They typically come with smart objects in software like Adobe Photoshop, enabling users to insert their designs effortlessly. Basic knowledge of such software is usually sufficient to use these mockups effectively. However, an online mockup generator like Placeit is even more accessible and quicker to use.

Do Paper Cup Mockups Include Different Perspectives and Angles?

Many paper cup mockups offer a range of perspectives and angles. This variety allows designers to showcase their work in multiple views, such as front, side, and top-down angles, providing a comprehensive overview of how the design will look.

Are the Materials and Textures in Paper Cup Mockups Realistic?

Paper cup mockups often feature realistic materials and textures, mimicking the look of actual paper cups. This realism includes details such as the glossiness of a laminated surface or the texture of recycled paper, adding depth and authenticity to the mockup presentation.


Note: This article was originally published on April 4, 2021. But our team regularly reviews it and updates it with necessary improvements for accuracy.

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