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14 Best Plastic Box Mockups + Free (2024)

plastic box mockups

We needed to use plastic box mockups to create realistic container and packaging presentations on several occasions.

Over the course of TWO YEARS, we reviewed 100s of mockups available but condensed them to the 14 most versatile.

We based our selection on high-resolution, customization options, realistic appearance and beginner-friendliness.

Favorable. Promising. And For Everone.

But we don’t always use PSD files, so we decided to share our mockup generator and free picks, too.

Table of contents:

Now go and make the best packaging mockup.

You got this!

Best Plastic Box Mockup Generators

These are the ones that allow you to make a mockup without Photoshop.

It’s OH SO doable!

Note: Placeit offers three pricing options – single purchase ($7.95), monthly sub ($14.95/mo), yearly sub ($89.69/yr).

1. Mockup of two plastic food boxes

mockup of two plastic food boxes
With these two plastic containers, you can present a branded box and a custom-made label/sleeve. You can EASILY import a logo for the box and a cool and catchy design for the sleeve.

In addition to adding images, you can also change colors with three convenient color pickers.

Plus, include a text, a call-to-action (CTA) and make your plastic box presentation stand out.

It’s all quick and comfortable work that anyone can execute professionally (even if you are a beginner).

Note: If you are exclusively looking for food delivery mockups, we have a collection of the ultimate alternatives, too.


2. Mockup of transparent food boxes

mockup of transparent food boxes
If the plastic box mockup above was for hot food packaging, this one is for cold dishes, desserts, salads, you name it.

What we found really awesome about this mockup is that you can create empty boxes or actually fill them with food.

How awesome?

It all takes a matter of some clicking and you are all set to IMPRESS.

You can upload any designs/logos you want, change the label color and adjust the background.

Tip: You can test the mockup without creating a free account. But we highly suggest you create it to ease your workflow.


3. Round transparent food box mockup

round transparent food box mockup
We want to point out ONE THING first: There are not that many square plastic box mockups available, so we added a few rounded alternatives, too.

Just making sure there’s something for everyone.

Here are two transparent boxes that you can leave empty or stuff with foods (like the one above). Background and label colors are also editable.

You can also make the backdrop transparent and include a custom image. (That’s what I did!)

So many options and it’s still “only” an online mockup generator.


4. Mockup of two plastic boxes

mockup of two plastic boxes
Two large see-through plastic boxes that you can now modify to your heart’s content.

When adding your label design, you only need to upload it once and it will appear on both SIMULTANEOUSLY.

That’s the only con that we experienced with this one.

It’s easier for the client to decide on the winner if you are able to upload two designs (slight variations or completely different).

But when we used it for social promotion for a different client, it worked fantastically well.

(We even created one empty and one stuffed-with-donuts variation.)


5. Label mockup of a plastic container

label mockup of a plastic container
Yogurt, curd, sauerkraut, well, this beautiful plastic packaging mockup in the refrigerator is great for all three and then some.

With quick modifications, you can enrich the container with your branding idea effortlessly.

Insert the design, change the color of the label (if necessary), AND THAT’S IT.

Like with all Placeit mockups, you can also activate the “add text” function.

You can add any message you want, pick colors, and fonts to fit your design like a dream.


Best Plastic Box PSD Mockups

6. Plastic product box mockup

plastic product box mockup
This all-around and super-versatile box mockup is PERFECT for any product presentation. Meats, fruits, sweets, you can insert any product you want.

You get four layered PSD files, organized and easy-to-use.

The amazing 5400 x 4400px dimension also makes sure to create a high-quality outcome no matter how detailed your designs.

Modify shadows and lighting, add or remove clear cover, you name it.

You also get a help file, which makes the experience even more beginner-friendly.

Price: $6


7. Styrofoam box packaging mockup

styrofoam box packaging mockup
There’s a similar styrofoam box mockup above (generator), but this PSD alternative will do the trick if you want more freedom.

You get a whopping collection of ten different views. Create a life-like presentation that will AMAZE everyone.

The resolution is also high (4000 x 3000px) ensuring a crisp clear outcome.

With the use of the smart object layer, you just drag-n-drop your design, logo to the sleeve, and you’re done.

Quickly skim through the easy seven-step how-to-use-it-procedure and WIN big times.

Price: $7


8. Plastic container for dairy mockup

plastic container for dairy mockup
We worked with a client offering dairy products twice in the past. We were happy to come across this plastic container PSD mockup.

The outcome appears as if you’d actually take a photo of the product with the collection of eight realistic presentations.

Our clients were IMPRESSED and we’re sure yours will be, too.

The only downside for us was the 2500 x 2500px resolution.

BUT. For our more minimal designs, it worked smoothly.

Make a dairy product presentation that will wow everyone. It’s a guarantee.

Price: $7


9. Plastic food container mockup

plastic food container mockup
With a highly photo-realistic plastic container mockup, creating a life-like branding showcase becomes a LITTLE BREEZE.

You can use it for any food that you find it fit this particular packaging style.

Three PSD files mean three different views, where one includes two containers. Create designs for different tastes or different foods.

You will find this set very versatile, as you can use it for different clients easily.

Label size: 170mm diameter for the cover and 52mm height for the bottom.

Price: $6


10. Plastic fast food/takeout packaging mockup

plastic fast food take out packaging mockup
If you work with different clients and your budget is tight, we’d advise you to opt for this mockup kit.

Why? You get six different mockups, which are ACTUALLY six different plastic boxes.

As the name implies, ideal for fast food and takeout, but you can apply it to something else without a sweat.

Every PSD file comes at 5400 x 3600px with a box scaled to the actual size.

But first, take a peek at the live preview and see what’s possible.

Price: $15


Best Free Plastic Box Mockups

11. Free plastic box mockup

free plastic box mockup
Are you working on a design for a meal kit and would like to use a free mockup to create a QUICK prototype?

Here you go!

Put on display your custom label/sleeve design, change the color of the plastic box and even alter the background.

It’s all possible.

What’s even more impressive is the 5000 x 3750px dimension, making this PSD file more premium-like than free.

Note: Always make sure if you can use it for personal/commercial projects (when working with any free mockup).


12. Plastic container PSD mockup

plastic container psd mockup
A free plastic box mockup that is flexible enough to work with all sorts of foods.

Spreads, ice cream, sweets, well, you can play with your IMAGINATION and use it for whatever your heart desires.

You get two PSDs in the kit, which gives you even more freedom to create the outcome that meets your expectations.

Make improvements in just a few clicks, slide in your design via the smart object layer and enjoy the outcome.

Dimension: 4000 x 3200px.


13. Free disposable food container mockup

free disposable food container mockup
Grab this 100% realistic free disposable food container mockup that makes an instant difference.

Sorting out your ideas, even showcasing your creations to your clients happens QUICKER than you think.

Customize the background, the box color, the label/sleeve design, you can even change the color of the plastic fork.

The amazing resolution (3500 x 2300px) also ensures an excellent close-up showcase.

Get your hands on this PSD mockup now and have some fun designing it your way.


14. Free ice cream container mockup

free ice cream container mockup
Even though this one may not fit our collection of free plastic box mockups entirely, we needed to add it.

We used it MULTIPLE TIMES and if it will help you – our deed is accomplished.

First, the mockup is 100% customizable. You can change everything and improve it to the very last detail.

Second, it comes at a large dimension of 5000 x 3750px.

And third, it’s equipped with a layered structure and smart objects, so you know the work process will be a child’s play.

Note: You will also like my review of the best ice cream mockups.



Do you need more boxes? We also want to mention that our selection of paper box mockups is available for you to create epic stuff.

Many times we used both paper and plastic variations when presenting design ideas and branding to our clients.

How To Create A Plastic Box Mockup?

These are the two approaches you can take to create a realistic presentation of your plastic box design.

We’ll first start with a mockup generator because it’s the fastest. However, even if you choose to work with a PSD, the method is effortless, but you need Photoshop.

I’ll now show you how to do it with Placeit, and we’ll go from there.

5 Steps To Make A Plastic Box Mockup:

  • Step 1: Placeit will open by clicking on this link. You can then type your query for the desired box in the search bar because Placeit doesn’t have a special category/tag for them.
  • Step 2: Find the template you like and click on it, so it opens on a new page.
  • Step 3: You then add your design via the “insert image.” A window opens that allows you to adjust the design, like changing its location and size. The design will appear on the template by pressing “crop.”
  • Step 4: And then comes an even more fun part – modifying other configurations until you are 100% satisfied with your creation.
  • Step 5: You’re only a click on the “download” button away from securing your masterpiece and start using it anywhere you want.

That’s all it takes when working with a mockup generator.

But when you use s PSD template, you first open PS and import the mockup of choice.

Then use the smart object layer to insert your design to see how it appears with the default settings.

Of course, you can further style and beautify the look by navigating each layer and altering it to your heart’s desire.

Save. And. Download.

Your job is done!

FAQs About Plastic Box Mockups

What Are Plastic Box Mockups?

Plastic box mockups are graphical representations or physical prototypes of packaging boxes made of plastic. They help visualize the design, including dimensions, graphics, and text, before producing the boxes.

Why Are Plastic Box Mockups Important for Product Packaging?

They are essential for ensuring the packaging design aligns with brand identity and product requirements. Mockups help make design adjustments, improve appeal, and provide practical functionality before mass production.

Can You Customize Plastic Box Mockups?

Yes, plastic box mockups are highly customizable. They can be adjusted for size, shape, color, and branding elements to fit specific product needs and marketing strategies.

What Software is Used to Create Digital Plastic Box Mockups?

Graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are commonly used for creating digital plastic box mockups. But you can also avoid using software with an online mockup generator like Placeit.

Are There Free Templates Available for Plastic Box Mockups?

Free templates for plastic box mockups can be found on various graphic design websites and online platforms. These templates provide a starting point for customization and are especially useful for designers working on a budget.


Note: This article was originally published on June 7, 2021. But our team regularly reviews it and updates it with necessary improvements for accuracy.

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