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14 Ultimate Perfume Box Mockups (2021)

perfume box mockups

I used these perfume box mockups when working with a few fragrance companies in the past.

Note: Yes, I tested each for my projects, so you know they work.

This list includes perfume bottles and packaging.

Stop doing everything from scratch – because you don’t have to.

Either pick an online mockup generator or a PSD.

If you are in a hurry, I highly suggest you make a mockup without Photoshop. It takes seconds to complete – without experience and software!

But Photoshop mockups are also easy to work with. Each comes as layered PSD file to modify it quickly. (Downside: software.)

You have everything you need!

(These mockups worked for me, and I know they’ll work for you, too.)

Best Perfume Box Mockups (Generators)

Placeit mockups go for $7.95 (single) or apply for a monthly ($14.95/month) or annual ($89.69/year) subscription.

1. Mockup of a perfume bottle and box

mockup of a perfume bottle and box
A beautiful and to-the-point template of both a perfume bottle a box on a fully editable background.

As for the background, you can change it to any color you want; you can even make it transparent. In addition to that, you can also change the shade of the packaging. Easy and quick work, that’s what’s to expect.

Moreover, you can add two designs individually, one to the bottle and one to the packaging. The entire process will take you barely any time, and you will be left with an impressive presentation.


2. Slim perfume box and bottle template

slim perfume box and bottle template
If you are particularly searching for a slim perfume box mockup with a bottle, you came to the right place. Keep in mind, this template is not the only one, as you will find a few more alternatives by scrolling down.

However, if you would like to keep things clean and minimal, this particular example will probably be it.

Since it is a Placeit mockup, you don’t really need any design knowledge and Photoshop skills. From changing color and importing your designs to adding texts, it all happens online, from your favorite browser.


3. Mockup of a slim perfume bottle and packaging

mockup of a slim perfume bottle and packaging
A modern and photorealistic perfume bottle and packaging mockup that you can decorate with your branding easily. You can easily and effortlessly create a product presentation without actually needing to have a product.

It will not take you long before you have the full-blown showcase ready, which you can then share all over the web.

You can slide in four different images to the mockup, three to the box and one to the bottle. You see, you can truly make a version that is precise to your liking. Boost your workflow now and make a difference.


4. Slim perfume bottle with box

slim perfume bottle with box
A neat and easy-to-use perfume box mockup with an editable bottle and modifiable background. Instead of working on it from the ground up, save a ton of time and have an exhibition all set without a few clicks, aka seconds.

Let’s face it, changing the colors will be instant, and adding designs also won’t take much longer.

Once you import your image, you will see a pop-up opens with additional functions to make it appear on the box and the bottle exactly how it should be. You can even test it out without creating a free account on Placeit just yet.


5. Customizable perfume bottle and vertical box

customizable perfume bottle and vertical box
A big and bold mockup featuring a perfume bottle and a vertical box that you can now beautify with your creative ideas. You can insert four different designs, making both items completely brandable.

For this, of course, all it takes is uploading your images directly from your computer (or even mobile device) and have them appear on the mockup with a click.

Furthermore, the box and background are also editable with colors, and you can even add some text if necessary. Play with different possibilities before you find the one version that works the best.


6. Minimal mockup of a perfume box

minimal mockup of a perfume box
A beautiful and somewhat basic perfume packaging mockup that is dying to rock your ideas. Whether it’s just a logo or a full-blown design, whatever the case, you can quickly improve the default settings according to the regulations you need to follow.

You can then showcase the life-like outcome to your client, share it on social media, in a newsletter, heck, even as part of the product page on your eCommerce website.

Make it as engaging and vibrant as you want, or stick more on the minimal side – it’s all possible.


7. Perfume packaging mockup and bottle

perfume packaging mockup and bottle
A box, an open perfume bottle and a customizable backdrop that’s what’s up when it comes to this beginner-friendly mockup. We are still in the amazing world of Placeit templates that you can style to your wants online.

Add three different images to three different sides of the packaging and one to the bottle. You can make it super attention-grabbing so that everyone will absolutely want to check it more closely.

You do not really need any experience, as working with any Placeit mockup is pretty self-explanatory. In short, it only requires some clicking, and that’s it.


8. Perfume mockup in a minimalistic setting

perfume mockup in a minimalistic setting
If this is the style of a bottle and box that you are after, waste no time and create a photorealistic version in the snap of a finger.

These days, there’s always a way to take a shortcut when it comes to design while still keeping your professionalism at the highest degree.

Upload your ideas, change the colors and, well, you are done doing the work. And if you create a free Placeit account, you can expect your workflow to be even smoother. Enjoy the creation of a life-like product masterpiece now.


9. Small perfume bottle and box mockup

small perfume bottle and box mockup
With all the different perfume box mockups that you can see on this list, you will surely find the one that resonates with you best. From there, it’s all about taking charge and making your version out of it.

The process is swift and straightforward, making sure everyone gets to create their fantastic brandable perfume packaging.

Needless to say, this particular example is no different. You can start right away, improve it with your stunning designs and color options and have it all set and ready to rock and roll sooner than later.


Best Perfume Box PSD Mockups

1. Perfume packaging mockup

perfume packaging mockup
For all of you who prefer to work with Adobe Photoshop, the following bundle of mockups will do you well. This extremely realistic perfume mockup featuring a bottle and a box is very eye-pleasing. And it can now be yours, in fact, all the ten different files/views.

Every PSD mockup comes at a high-quality of 4000 x 3000px with four ready-to-use filters and convenient smart objects.

You can perform as many customization tweaks as you want just to make sure the outcome is precise to your liking. A help file and video tutorials are also part of the package.

Price: $14


2. Realistic perfume box mockup

realistic perfume box mockup
Clean, minimal and simple-to-use perfume box mockup with a bottle that you can now make yours. Everything is fully editable, and you can also move/remove items, so you can put on display only the bottle, the packaging or both. Moreover, this PSD template is compatible with dark and light designs, presenting them all in the best possible light.

The file is fully layered, meaning working on improvements will be a piece of cake. You can even alter the shadows, which makes the overall exhibition even more realistic.

Price: $14


3. Perfume bottle & paper box mockup

perfume bottle paper box mockup
A top-class perfume packaging PSD mockup that helps create an enviable product showcase. You do not need to spend a whole bunch of time creating a perfume bottle and paper box mockup anymore. This one will take you seconds if you have the designs and the idea ready to go.

After all, you only need to do some clicking, dragging and dropping your images and logos and that’s pretty much it.

Highlights, layers, editable colors, high resolution and smart objects, this PSD file sports it all for your convenience. And if you need any additional support, you can always get in touch with the mockup’s author.

Price: $14


4. Minimalist perfume packaging mockup

minimalist perfume packaging mockup
You can use this mockup for presenting both the front and the back design of perfume branding. Both the box and the bottle are entirely customizable according to your exclusive preferences.

In addition to that, you can also create individual presentations of the box and the bottle or keep them together.

For a small investment, you can boost your workflow through the roof without affecting your professionalism. Go full-tilt and create an outcome that follows the style that you would like to attain to a tee.

Price: $14


5. Perfume packaging PSD template

perfume packaging psd template
This is another edition of a perfume box mockup from the same author, coming at a different angle. Due to the amazing versatility and high adaptability, you can make it yours in just a few clicks.

Also, the 4000 x 2670px resolution ensures that the outcome will be crystal clear, even in a close-up view.

You can fully style and enhance the box and the bottle, as well as alter the background. But first, preview the different possible variations and go from there. For a life-like exhibition of a perfume box, this is it.

Price: $14


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