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10 Best Tissue Box Mockups + Free (2024)

tissue box mockups

We reviewed 41 PSD templates for this collection of best tissue box mockups.

We also included high-quality and reliable free alternatives that will do you well.

You DON’T NEED to do much work on your part.

  • First, you skip the searching completely.
  • Second, no matter which mockup you opt for, you’ll make magic happen.
  • Third, you’ll make that magic happen in just a few clicks.
  • Fourth, you’re done!

We did enough testing when working with clients, so you’re GOOD to go with the tissue paper packaging mockup you dig the most. (Or all of them.)

This post covers:

Why work on something from scratch if you don’t have to?

Make a tissue box design presentation that IMPRESSES everyone. Instantly.
(the link guides you to a nice collection of designs for inspiration)

Best Tissue Box PSD Mockups

1. High-quality mockup of a tissue box

high-quality mockup of a tissue box
You can now create a full-blown version of a tissue packaging with just three views.


These three views cover EVERYTHING, including open and closed versions. The only thing that you cannot do is present the bottom of the paper box (which may not be that necessary anyway).

Each layered PSD file is fully customizable, so you can create the outcome that meets your expectations.

To. A. T.

You can create a background or make it transparent, turn shadows on or off and slide in a design with drag-n-drop.

Price: $5


2. Tissue packaging mockup

tissue packaging mockup
This highly convenient and easy-to-use tissue box PSD mockup goes one step further than the previous one.

With the six available templates, you truly can create and showcase ALL THE SIDES of the box.

Including the bottom side!

You can add any design you want, no matter how detailed. The outcome always comes into view stunningly due to the amazing resolution (3500 x 2500px).

We definitely used this one the most often. You won’t have an issue even if you work with multiple clients.

(For as long as this is the style of the box they’re after.)

Price: $7


3. Square tissue box mockup

square tissue box mockup
Even though other versions are available (but rare), rectangular and square tissue boxes are the most widespread.

We are placing this one so high on the list for one main reason: IT WORKS.

And what’s best, the square box works for any design and branding, whether minimal or highly detailed and fancy.

The process is very beginner-friendly, just as it is with all of the mockups in this collection.

You also BENEFIT from adjustable shadows, paper texture and an easily editable background.

Price: $7


4. Tissue Box 3D perspective mockup

tissue box 3d perspective mockup
It only really takes three steps to see your design in action.

After you import the mockup into Photoshop, click the smart object (step 1), add your design (step 2) and save it (step 3).

How effortless was that?

But it only gets more fun from here on.

You can PLAY with all the other functions and customization options to make the outcome precisely to your liking. The next-level 3D effect is also available.

  • Box dimension: 230 x 115 x 65mm
  • Use: for 100 softy tissue papers

Price: $6


5. Napkin box mockup

napkin box mockup
A tissue or a napkin box with a slightly different style awaits you in this bundle of goodies.

You get to work with five different views, aka five PSD mockups (3000 x 2000px).

You can create close-up views like a champ. Present designs that are simple or detailed with crystal clarity easily.

Each file is down for ANY CHALLENGE.

Adjusting effects and functions is also a piece of cake. Make it how you like it, from shading and shadows to paper texture and background.

Price: $7


Best Free PSD Tissue Box Mockups

6. Free tissue box mockup in PSD

free tissue box mockup in psd
Quality packaging design presentation does not necessarily mean you need to pay for it.

Instead, use these free facial tissue box mockups.

This particular one is actual of 3500 x 2300px dimension, which is VERY decent for a free alternative.

You can also comfortably edit and all sides of the boxes, making it your way exclusively.

The excellent layered structuring unlocks the QUICK configuration you deserve.

Plus, the smart object function lets you quickly integrate your professional design.

This one is BOMB!

(We already used it – oh so – many times and still didn’t get bored of it.)


7. Free tissue packaging mockup

free tissue pckaging mockup
Two PSD files (3000 x 2250 px), layered structure and an entirely free license – what’s not to like?

Enjoy the different views that allow for a beautiful presentation of your brandable tissue packaging design ideas.

You can make it happen COMFORTABLY with this kit of two, whether it’s purely promotion material or an actual sellable product.

Don’t hold back. Your imagination may be the only limitation.

Ditch the limitations and enjoy the smooth flow of creating a special tissue box.



8. Free tissue paper packaging mockup design

free tissue paper packaging mockup design
One free tissue packaging mockup is more than enough to make a quick prototype.

This one allows you to do just that without really spending too much time working on it.

Reality: It only takes a few clicks to activate the PSD file and enrich it.

You already know how easy it is. We didn’t use this one yet but plan on working with the mockup on one of our upcoming projects.

The dimension/resolution is not as high as with some other templates, but you’ll still BENEFIT from it greatly.


9. Floating tissue box PSD template

floating tissue box psd template
Grab everyone’s attention with this floating tissue box because it simply works.

The editing process takes only a few clicks to make your version like a champ.

You also have the right to use the mockup for commercial and personal projects (but don’t forget about attribution).


10. Free tissue packaging mockups

free tissue packaging mockups
If you’re searching for a free tissue box mockup that’s not like all the others, then go with this one.

The rounded edges make such a BIG difference!

Add your design, pattern, logo, or whatever you want via the smart object layer and have the outcome ready quickly.

You’re in control so make the most out of it.


How To Make A Tissue Box Mockup?

You’ll have a blast creating a realistic tissue box presentation regardless of the template you choose from the collection above.

I included only PSD files with an excellent layered structure, so both beginners and pros get the most out of them easily.

You only really need pure basic Photoshop skills to get the job done, so being a newbie is totally fine.

5 Steps To Design A Tissue Packaging Mockup:

  • Step 1: Pick the mockup that you like, and that matches your project best.
  • Step 2: Open Photoshop and import the template.
  • Step 3: Find the smart object layer, which allows you to drag-n-drop your design directly. So. Simple.
  • Step 4: The only thing left to do is to navigate other layers and perform additional customization tweaks and enrich the presentation however you want. Do you want to change the box’s color? You can do that. Do you want to add a new background? You can do that, too! And so forth.
  • Step 5: Save, download, and that’s it!

You now have everything you need, the template and the simple tutorial, to create a tissue box mockup presentation like none out there.


FAQs About Tissue Box Mockups

What is a Tissue Box Mockup?

A tissue box mockup is a visual tool that represents the final design of a tissue box. It’s used to display the layout, colors, and branding elements as they will appear on the actual product.

How Can I Create a Tissue Box Mockup?

Creating a tissue box mockup typically involves using graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. However, online mockup generators like Placeit provide customizable templates for a more straightforward and efficient design process.

Why Are Mockups Important for Tissue Box Design?

Mockups are essential in tissue box design as they allow for a realistic preview of the final product. This helps ensure that design elements are appropriately aligned.

Can Changes Be Made to a Tissue Box Mockup?

Yes, you can make changes to a tissue box mockup. This flexibility is crucial for fine-tuning the design, allowing for adjustments in color schemes, text placement, and graphics before proceeding to the production stage.

What Should Be Considered When Designing a Tissue Box Mockup?

When designing a tissue box mockup, consider factors like the box size, the material it will be printed on, color schemes, typography, and branding elements.


Note: This article was originally published on July 15, 2021. But our team regularly reviews it and updates it with necessary improvements for accuracy.

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