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20 Best Bella Canvas Mockups (In 2024)

bella canvas mockups

Creating the best collection of Bella Canvas mockups for apparel brands was the most specific one I did so far.

I sought around the web and social media to find which BC items are the most popular. (Some even shared the info with me – legends!)

I later tested 100+ generators and PSD files and narrowed my collection down to the ultimate 20.

You can start working on your project immediately. And it’ll take you just a FEW seconds to complete it.

This post covers:

No experience necessary for generators, still, only Photoshop basics for PSDs.

Beginners, you’re welcome.

BUT. My recommendation: Online generators – TOO FUN to use!

Yew 🤙

Best Bella Canvas Mockup Generators

Each Placeit generator is only $7.95. But if you plan to use the platform more often, opt for a monthly ($14.95/month) or yearly ($89.69/year) subscription.

You can make mockups without Photoshop quickly and easily with these.

1. Mockup of a woman in a Bella Canvas tank top

mockup of a woman in a bella canvas tank top
I’m always searching for the most realistic mockups and if it’s a generator, that’s even better.

Here’s a life-like Bella Canvas tank top mockup that you can update with your design and color in a couple of clicks.

I also used a CUSTOM shade for the background, but feel free to leave it as is.

So fast. So pro.



2. Back view mockup of a Bella Canvas tank

back view mockup of a bella canvas tank
If you need to create a photorealistic showcase of your Bella Canvas tank top for your online store or even social media, I can’t recommend this one MORE.

Instead of being straight and boring, the tank top is at an angle, making it more attention-grabbing.

Plus, it comes with the cool option of adding either a solid color background or an image. You can even upload your own!

Happy. Times.


3. Back view mockup of a woman in a Bella Canvas tee

back view mockup of a woman wearing a bella canvas tee
Still, the presentation of a back T-shirt design on a model is MY FAVORITE. But it all depends on what you need it for.

This one worked so good when recently designing a full-back for a client’s Bella Canvas tee.

I used a solid color backdrop to make the artwork pop more, which – luckily – impressed my client pleasantly.

Happy client. Happy me.

Note: Check our tutorial on how to make a T-shirt mockup without PS.


4. Semi-illustrated Bella Canvas T-shirt mockup

semi-illustrated bella canvas t shirt mockup
Aaand this is FOR SURE my ultimate Bella Canvas T-shirt mockup generator. It’s an illustration but at the same time, it’s not.

I highly recommend you opt for this one if you would like to trigger the attention of social followers.

The customization capabilities are pretty NEXT LEVEL. You can change the shirt color and custom stickers, insert tee design and add text.



5. Bella Canvas kid tee mockup

bella canvas kid tee mockup
Yup, I knew I also needed to include a Bella Canvas mockup for kids. Here you go.

This young fella can now model in your T-shirt design, creating an extremely realistic outcome.

Enjoy changing the colors, slide in your logo or artwork and you’re READY to rock and roll.

Extra “add text” functionality is also available for a call-to-action or something else.


6. Mockup of a woman in a basic Bella Canvas T-shirt

mockup of a woman in a basic bella canvas t-shirt
Here’s a classic Bella Canvas tee mockup of a female model in jeans to showcase your design as realistically as possible.

I created six variations ALMOST instantly because of the effortless customization nature of the generator.

You even have the total freedom to play with the background, making it even more brandable.


7. Mockup of a man and a woman wearing matching T-shirts

mockup of a man and a woman wearing matching t-shirts
Creating a showcase of matching tees is A PIECE OF CAKE with this mockup generator. You can individually include artwork on the male and the female shirt.

Plus, alter each shirt’s color with the convenient color pickers.

Note: There’s no need to use it for matching shirts, the possibilities are endless. You’re in control, so take it to your total benefit.


8. Bella Canvas T-shirt mockup of a group of friends

bella canvas t-shirt mockup featuring a group of friends
Let a group of people present a clothing brand or a project or a company’s design or logo with this neat Bella Canvas mockup.

All six T-shirts are quickly editable with custom color choices and any design you’d like to slide in.

They can all rock the same artwork or each a different one – the outcome will be REALLY cool either way.


9. Mockup of a round neck Bella Canvas T-shirt

mockup of a round neck bella canvas t-shirt
Still, I do have a bunch of minimal Bella Canvas mockups here for you, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

While this generator may work for an eCommerce website really well, social or newsletter promotion fits it, too.

I really like the two-toned background, which you can use to create a very vivid presentation or a simplistic one – WHATEVER!

The generator’s great quality guarantees a top-notch outcome.


10. Bella Canvas long sleeve tee mockup

bella canvas long sleeve tee mockup
Are you looking for a Bella Canvas long sleeve mockup? I needed it twice and used this generator for immediate project realization on both occasions.

And I know it’ll benefit you as well.

Even though the configuration is very straightforward, the final product will be PRO-LEVEL (even if you’re a beginner, dealing with mockups for the first time).


11. Mockup of a young man wearing a Bella Canvas T-shirt

mockup of a young man wearing a bella canvas t-shirt
You’re beautiful design (even if it’s just a chest logo) needs the best mockup for a LIFE-LIKE demonstration.

Nope, there’s no need for printing the tee and hiring a model and a photographer to make things happen these days.

Too. Expensive.

Another great example of a fantastic generator is that you can pre-test it for free before committing.

I really dig Placeit. But I still recommend you create a free account first (because your workflow will be much smoother.)


12. Round neck tee mockup of a smiling man

round neck tee mockup of a smiling man
I didn’t just read by a bunch of marketers that SMILING FACES work really good for campaigns and social promotions.

I tested and tried it multiple times, including with this Bella Canvas generator.

The only downside of this one is that you can only change the color of the tee and insert your design.

Still, there’s a wide variety of shades that will collab with the button-down perfectly!



Best Bella Canvas PSD Mockups

13. Bella Canvas 8882 crop shirt mockup

bella canvas 8882 crop shirt mockup
I’m also adding multiple layered PSDs because many of our users keep telling us that they prefer them over generators.

This smiling lady with a cowboy hat will make your design look even better than it already is.

Her 8882 crop shirt is 100% editable with a custom color choice and your artwork.

Slide a design via the smart object and enjoy the displacement mapping, which adds the necessary realistic feel.


Price: $16


14. Bella Canvas 3719 hoodie mockups

bella canvas 3719 hoodie mockups
Hoodies are my favorite!

Create a brandable Bella Canvas 3719 hoodie mockup in a matter of seconds with any of the thirteen READY-TO-GO apparel mockups that this bundle offers.

(I didn’t even use all of them!)

And the 5000 x 5000px dimension makes everything look even more professional.

Also, you can choose between printed and removable tags to take things to the next level.

Note: Don’t miss skimming through our tutorial on how to make a hoodie mockup without Photoshop.

Price: $15


15. Hanging 3001 T-shirt mockup

hanging 3001 t-shirt mockup
This is a very beautiful Bella Canvas mockup featuring the widely popular 3001 T-shirt.

It’s a single PSD template that allows you to crop it, zoom it, whatever, due to its 5472 x 3648px dimension.

But I left it as is because the setting is stunning. (Remember, you cannot move items or edit the background.)

And the realistic effect is outstanding because this is an actual photo, so NO USER will tell you didn’t actually take a product photo in a studio.

Price: $9


16. Bella Canvas 3021 pocket tee mockups

bella canvas 3021 pocket tee mockups
Something you don’t know about me yet: I LOVE pocket tees!

You can now create a fully customizable Bella Canvas one with this bundle of thirteen PSD templates. Yes, the kit covers everything, and you don’t need to purchase another mockup.

Moreover, every element is on an individual layer for instant customization. And you have an option to design a printed or a removable tag.


Price: $15


17. Bella Canvas 3413 male model mockup

bella canvas 3413 male model mockup
The demand for the Bella Canvas 3413 mockup is high, so I’m including this one that I really enjoyed reviewing.

I also did some social media publishing with it and received very positive feedback. (Followers didn’t guess it’s a mockup.)

You can choose between 160+ official BC color presets but can CREATE a custom one with just two clicks.

The 4875 x 3160px size is also perfect to achieve a crisp outcome even in a close-up.

Price: $16


18. Bella Canvas 7502 cropped hoodie template

bella canvas 7502 cropped hoodie template
The eight Bella Canvas 7502 cropped hoodie mockups are EVERYTHING you need to design a life-like apparel showcase for your client.

But even if you’re a clothing brand owner without Photoshop skills (but with the design ready), you can do it, too.

It’s just so easy! (But you can always get in touch with the friendly author, ready to assist you.)

Note: This is an actual product shot of the hoodie and not a render.

Price: $19


19. Bella Canvas 8413 triblend mockup

bella canvas 8413 triblend mockups
I literally went on Google and searched for the MOST POPULAR Bella Canvas products and the 8413 is one of them.

Here’s a mockup, actually, six mockups that you can take to your total advantage.

Also, cropping and zooming won’t ruin the quality because of the 4000 x 4000px high-res.

Work with one client or twenty, it doesn’t matter – you pay only once and use this batch forever.

EVERY detail is editable, and I specially like the customizable tags.

Price: $29


20. Bella Canvas 8800 flowy tank

bella canvas 8800 flowy tank
The ultimate presentation of the Bella Canvas 8800 flowy tank top is in your hands with this PSD template kit.

I worked with all six mockups because working on multiple designs and logos, including showcasing the front and the back.

The built-in displacement map AUTOMATICALLY ADJUSTS your design to the garment for a realistic feel.

Summer vibes in BC 8800 are the best vibes. Especially with your design on it!

Price: $29


How To Create A Bella Canvas Mockup?

Everyone using Bella Canvas products for their merch, clothing line, T-shirt brand, etc., will find this effortless tutorial extremely handy.

BECAUSE (!), creating a life-like showcase of a Bella Canvas item is a piece of cake.

It only takes five quick steps to have a final version ready to impress.

Easy Steps To Make A Bella Canvas Mockup:

  1. Step 1: Visit Placeit, where you can pick from 800+ templates, all ready to rock your design. (Hint: You can test them all for free, but I suggest you create a free Placeit account because you’re workflow will be much more pleasant.)
  2. Step 2: Once you find the design you like, click it and then navigate to the “insert image” button. I always do this step first to test my design on the item as quickly as possible. (Often, I test a few variations, which allows me to find the ultimate much easier.)
  3. Step 3: A popup will open with options to reposition and resize your upload. You can see the result via the live preview in the bottom right corner (super handy!). Click “crop,” and it’ll appear on the mockup. Uncomplicated.
  4. Step 4: The generator usually comes with all sorts of additional customization functions you can play with at your free will. You can even upload a custom background and an additional graphic in many cases.
  5. Step 5: When you’re satisfied with your creation, click “download” to get the mockup and use it anywhere you want.

Yup, it’s laughably simple, I know.

But a similarly straightforward process applies if you work with a PSD mockup.

Open Photoshop and import your template. Locate the smart object layer, which allows you to import your design with a click.

You’re then ready to perform as many extra modifications as you want until you’re 100% pleased with what you came up with.

Save and download, and that’s it!

You now have everything you need to create a custom Bella Canvas showcase without taking actual product images. (And SAVE lots of money.)

FAQs About Bella Canvas Mockups

What Are Bella Canvas Mockups Primarily Used For?

Bella Canvas mockups are primarily used to showcase T-shirt designs realistically. They are ideal for graphic designers, clothing brands, and online retailers who want to present their designs on high-quality Bella Canvas apparel, giving customers a clear idea of how the final product will look.

Can Bella Canvas Mockups Accurately Represent Fabric Quality?

Yes, Bella Canvas mockups can accurately represent the fabric quality, including the texture and drape of the material. This is essential for demonstrating the premium feel and fit of Bella Canvas products, known for their high-quality fabrics.

Are Bella Canvas Mockups Useful for Online Stores?

Bella Canvas mockups are extremely useful for online stores. They provide a professional and consistent look for product listings, helping customers to visualize the apparel more effectively. This can lead to increased customer trust and potentially higher sales.

How Versatile Are Bella Canvas Mockups in Terms of Color and Style Options?

Bella Canvas mockups are quite versatile, offering a wide range of color and style options. They can depict various T-shirt styles and colors offered by Bella Canvas, allowing brands to showcase diverse products to suit different customer preferences.

Do Bella Canvas Mockups Include Different Fits and Sizes?

Many Bella Canvas mockups include different fits and sizes, such as slim fit, regular fit, and plus sizes. This variety is important for brands that want to cater to a diverse customer base, showing how their designs will look on different body types.


Note: This article was originally published on May 21, 2022. But our team regularly reviews it and updates it with necessary improvements for accuracy.

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