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11 Best Pen & Pencil Case Mockups (In 2024)

pencil case mockups

I worked with pencil case mockups┬áheavily over the past few months; thus, I’m excited to share the best performers.

I was lucky to find several mockups generators and even more PSD templates. (Sadly, there aren’t that many available.)

You can make a mockup without Photoshop using the former, which is always a big plus for me.

But even in the case of PSDs, you’ll master them QUICKLY.

You can turn your idea into an actual product fast with a mockup.

Isn’t that why you came here?

This post covers:

Stop doing your research and work with the tested and proven mockups instead.


Best Pen & Pencil Case Mockup Generators

All Placeit mockups cost $7.95 per mockup. But you can also opt for a monthly ($14.95/month) or yearly ($89.69/year) subscription.

1. Pencil pouch mockup

pencil pouch mockup
Working on a pencil pouch is a piece of cake once you have the right mockup at hand.

I am happy to share with you my best-performing one, which also has to be a pretty simple design. (But you can find even more minimal mockups below.)

Since this is a mockup generator, you can work on it without using Photoshop. Best. Thing. Ever.

As far as designing goes, you only get to beautify the pouch. A few clicks and you’re done.



2. Mockup of a pouch on wooden surface

mockup of a pouch on wooden surface
Here’s another one of my FAVORITES. The punch is almost identical compared to the above but the scene is not. This is the one if you’re looking for a more rustic, vintage feel.

The generator offers you to change the color of the pouch, add any design you want, logo and even some text.

I’m always excited to work with a mockup generator because of how simple creating pro-level results is. Are you ready?


3. Pouch mockup of a woman writing in a notebook

pouch mockup of a woman writing in a notebook
Do you want to be more realistic with the presentation of your custom pencil case design? My clients loved this one and I’m sure you’ll be stoked about it, too.

What’s cool, you don’t need to create a free Placeit account to test the mockup immediately. (Although I highly recommend it!)

And you can make as many variations as you want before picking the winning design.

I enjoy the practicality of Placeit A LOT; thus, having a yearly subscription makes total sense to me.


4. Mockup of a woman using a pencil pouch

mockup of a woman using a pencil pouch
Although this is one of my favorite pencil case mockups, I wouldn’t use it for an online store. However, I did use it for social promotions and in three newsletters – it worked wonders.

Due to the extreme quality, no one will even tell it’s a mockup and you didn’t hire a model to get the photo done.


It’s now your turn to make the magic happen, which will only take a few seconds!


Note: From here on, it’s all about layered PSD files.

Best Pencil Case PSD Mockups

5. Pencil case PSD mockup

pencil case psd mockup
A high-quality (6000 x 4500px!) pencil case mockup is ready for you to turn it into something special.

Which you will!

And even if you need Photoshop to work with it, you’ll save time and energy. (Just like with all the other mockups below.)

You can change the background, alter lights, shadows and insert your content via Photoshop’s smart object layer.

You’re the BOSS of it!

Price: $12


6. Metal pencil case mockup

metal pencil case mockup
I once had a metal pencil box, which I was pretty stoked about. And if you want to design one and see it’s life-like version, use this mockup.

It is a single PSD file with excellent customization capabilities that you’ll be happy to modify.

Make your version, your client’s version, repeat 100 times, whatever, you can make it happen like a CHAMP.

Price: $12


7. Pencil zipper pouch mockup

pencil zipper pouch mockup
But I prefer a pouch a lot more for my pens. Well, I did because I’m not using it anymore.

Anyway, at a fantastic dimension of 4843 x 3425px, you get the great quality that works especially well even for detailed designs.

All the elements of the zipper pouch are on a separate layer for easy individual customization.

Even if you’re new to working with mockups, this one will simplify your life (like all the rest in this list). HURRAY.

Price: $9


8. Canvas pouch mockup

canvas pouch mockup
Okay, out of all the PSD pencil case mockups, this is my FAV! It’s simple but OH SO impactful, just like you want your presentation to be.

Impress everyone.

The kit consists of four mockups, detailing all pouch sides for your convenience. You can edit everything. And this one also works great for close-ups, which I liked creating for two of my client’s websites.

I even had a few questions about the mockup, which the author happily answered for me. Yup, you’re in good hands.

Price: $11


9. Round pencil case mockup

round pencil case mockup
When in school I remember most of my schoolmates had round pencil cases. It’s practical. But what’s even more practical is this mockup that you can now import into Photoshop and customize entirely.

I worked with all the available six views, each featuring the 4000 x 2670px dimension.

While everything is pretty self-explanatory, you also get a 15-page help file, making things EVEN EASIER for you.

Price: $6


10. Pen box mockup

pen box mockup
Since I could not find that many really good pencil case mockups, I decided to include two pen boxes.

When creating a custom pen and box design, first test your idea with a mockup.

You can see your creation in FULL effect, even showcase it to your client before the production, thanks to these twelve templates.

You can turn shadows on or off, configure the background and play with the five filters. It’s all at your fingertips.

Price: $9


11. Plastic pen box mockup

plastic pen box mockup
Seven pen box mockups are ready-made for you to use however you want. The EXCELLENT presentation promises a great outcome that you’ll make happen within seconds.

(Even my newbie friend had it easy to create a custom version, change the background, and turn shadows off.)

If you need to design a plastic box for pens, I highly advise you to go with this one. (You can even watch a short video promo first!)

Price: $6


How To Create A Pen & Pencil Case Mockup

I’ll give you the most straightforward guide to creating a professional pen and pencil case mockup.

Without Photoshop

We’ll be using Placeit as the platform to create our mockup because it’s one of my favorite platforms that’s so easy to use.

All it takes are four steps to make it happen:

  1. Visit Placeit and search for “pouch mockups” or “pen mockups.” You’ll get a nice selection of templates that you can make yours fast.
  2. Once you open the template you like, click the “insert image” button and upload your design or logo. You can also crop and reposition it so it fits the pouch/case or pencil exactly how you want.
  3. The next step is to perform any additional customization tweaks you want. This could be changing colors, adding text and spicing things up with a graphic. Do. You.
  4. And you’re ready to download your fantastic and life-like creation for use anywhere on the web or even in print.

With Photoshop

If you plan to work with a PSD file, import it into Photoshop and locate the smart object layer.

This layer allows you to slide in your design or logo and see it appear on the mockup with a click of a button.

This is where a PSD mockup and a mockup generator differentiate the most: the former gives you MORE customization freedom.

Play with the options, create multiple variations and have it easier to pick the clear winner.


FAQs About Pen & Pencil Case Mockups

What is a pen & pencil case mockup?

A pen & pencil case mockup is a digital or sometimes physical model that showcases how a design, logo, or color scheme will look on a pen & pencil case. It’s primarily used for visualizing and presenting the case’s design in a realistic setting before actual manufacturing.

Why are mockups important for designing pen & pencil cases?

Mockups are crucial in the design process as they allow designers and manufacturers to preview the product’s final look, ensuring the design is visually appealing and aligns with brand identity. They also help in making necessary adjustments before the production stage.

Can I apply my own design to a pen & pencil case mockup?

Yes, you can apply your design to a pen & pencil case mockup. This is typically done using graphic design software, where you can insert your design into a mockup template to see how it will look on the actual product.

What file formats are commonly used for digital pen & pencil case mockups?

The most common file format for digital pen & pencil case mockups is PSD (Photoshop), which supports layered editing and allows for detailed customization. Depending on the mockup’s complexity, other formats like AI (Adobe Illustrator) and JPEG are also used. But an easy option is an online mockup generator like Placeit.

Where can I find pen & pencil case mockups for my project?

Pen & pencil case mockups can be found on various online platforms that offer resources for graphic design. Websites like Envato Elements, Creative Market, and Adobe Stock offer a range of mockup templates in different styles and customizable options, including those for pen & pencil cases.


Note: This article was originally published on December 27, 2021. But our team regularly reviews it and updates it with necessary improvements for accuracy.

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