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13 Best Condom Mockups + Free (In 2024)

condom mockups

I felt just a little kinky when reviewing the best free and premium condom mockups. OOPS.

Okay, let’s get serious now.

These are the ultimate PSD templates if you need a solid and realistic presentation of a condom design.

No need to search elsewhere.

And do you know what’s BEST?

It’ll take you seconds to complete your project, whether for your client or yourself. LUV.

Also, the high-quality resolution of each mockup ensures your detailed designs appear crystal clear. (So necessary when it comes to condom packaging.)

This post covers:

Love is in the air, oh, oh, oh, oh – do you know the song?


Note: Do you need the best napkin mockups? (Hm, did I go too far?)

Best Condom PSD Mockups

1. Realistic condom mockup packs

realistic condom mockup packs
You can GRAB a lot of customers’ attention with strategic condom packaging.

This one allowed me to create quick examples that we later compared with the client to refine the final solution further.

The set includes five layered PSD files with excellent customization capabilities.

And the life-like effect of this one is really awesome. Plus, you can use it in online stores or social media, thanks to the editable background.

Price: $6


2. Condoms packaging mockup

condoms packaging mockup
A whopping collection of twelve condom mockups is ready for beginners and experts. Yup, the process of improving the templates takes only a FEW clicks.

Takes seconds!

What’s cool about this batch are the two boxes you can beautify however you want.

Everything is on an individual layer, easily configurable to match the outcome to your liking.

Price: $7


3. Condom in hand mockup

condom in hand mockup
But if you need an even more photorealistic mockup of condoms then there’s NO better way than this kit of five.

Multiple condoms in hand, on a table and more, are ready to carry your logo and custom design to the NEXT level.

Each template also rocks easy-to-use smart object layers for you to drag and drop your creative, spending zero effort.

Make a professional condom design presentation quick.

Price: $7


4. Condoms PSD template

condoms psd template
Beautiful, stylish and minimal are the three characteristics of this cool batch of condom PSD templates.

I specifically enjoyed working with the multi-condom mockup, but all the others work really WELL, too.

Plus, the excellent 4000 x 3000px dimension ensures the ultimate quality even if presenting your creation in a close-up (zoom).

Lastly, apply any four available filters to spice things up. (I didn’t, but I did change the background.)

Price: $6


5. Condom packaging design PSD template

condom packaging design psd template
Honestly, it’s sad to see that this one doesn’t have a ton more sales.

It’s a fantastic collection of ten templates with excellent quality (4000 x 2670px) that you shouldn’t miss in your life.

Only packaging, only sachet or both together, you have all the necessary options to impress your client with something exceptional.

I also find this bundle of templates to work really well with both dark and light designs.

ENDLESS. Possibilities.

Note: You may also be interested in checking our tutorial on how to create a packaging mockup.

Price: $6


6. Condom PSD files

condom psd files
You can make any kind of condom design presentation FAST and EASILY with a mockup.

And you get a collection of sixteen here, all photorealistic and equipped with smart objects.


While you can slide in your creative via drag and drop, you can also configure other settings.

Effects, reflections, shadows, and backgrounds – make everything your way.

I also liked the 4000 x 3500px resolution, making everything appear top-notch. (Even detailed designs!)

Price: $12


7. Condom packet mockup

condom packet mockup
A pack of condoms can be fun or it can be minimal. This simple but powerful set of two PSDs covers everything, no matter your style.

Instead of rushing into production, make sure everything fits as it should with a mockup.

Inspire your client with a LIFE-LIKE presentation that they will think you already took a picture of the actual final product.

That’s what’s up when things are high-quality!

Price: $11


8. Minimal square packaging PSD template

minimal square packaging psd template
But if you really need something extremely minimal, just the condom sachet then I’d highly advise you to pick this one.

It comes in multiple predefined color options that save you time. Still, you can perform improvements per your project’s requests effort-free.

Also, this is a great one for showcasing the front and the back side of a condom, side by side.

Use your creativity and make MAGIC happen!

Price: $7


9. Condom sachet mockup

condom sachet mockup
Another one of my FAVORITES that you absolutely must try. A batch of five condom packaging mockups is waiting to rock any branding.

And each template will make it look ten times better, especially once you adjust the coloring of the sachet, box and background.

So many options, I know!

You’re also welcome to preview the PSD templates first and see how hot they are.

I didn’t hesitate; I just went all-in because I knew they’d work. (And I was so right!)

Price: $12


Best Free Condom Mockups

It’s time for FREE stuff. Ready? I am!

Note: You can use these for personal and commercial projects. (But don’t forget about attribution.)

10. Latex condom free PSD

latex condom free psd
This one is simple, but I still used it for MULTIPLE design presentations, both the front and the back.

You can, too, because it’s so easy to use, and the final product will be first-class.

Add a logo (front) and any other design or additional information (back).

That’s it; you’re ready with a life-like condom sachet that everyone will dig.


11. Free condom packaging PSD mockup

free condom packaging psd mockup
I experienced this particular condom mockup to be a nice attention-grabber on social media.

It accepts customizations, so tailoring it to your needs will take little time.

You can do great things if you have JUST a minute to spare. That’s all it took me with a predefined design and a client logo.

Make it BOLD because that’s what this free PSD template does best.


12. Condom box and foil packaging mockup

condom box and foil packaging mockup
Let me share a secret with you. I found a premium version of this one but I decided to share the free version because it’s equally good.

One more thing. You can find even more views on Freepik but this one is my absolute favorite.

Create a lovely condom packaging presentation that’ll easily impress everyone seeing it. BOOM.


13. Top view condoms on red background mockup

top view condoms on red background mockup
You get to work on a fine and realistic showcase with a static red background and editable condom sachets.

Definitely go with interchangeably presenting front and back designs. It creates a vibrant, dynamic feel that’ll easily trigger curiosity.

This is something you want to achieve with a mockup when working with a client or for a social audience.



How To Easily Create A Condom Mockup?

You don’t need much experience and knowledge to create a realistic mockup presentation.

Trust me, I let my father do it, and he has no Photoshop skills. But he sure was blushing, lol.

All you need is a free or premium mockup, and all the rest happens in a little breeze.

Here’s the quick step-by-step process:

  1. The first thing is to open Photoshop and import your desired template.
  2. The second step is to search for the smart object layer. I only included organized mockups, so finding different layers is easy.
  3. Drag and drop your design, and you can already see it on the condom packaging.
  4. You can perform additional customization tweaks at this step, like changing the colors, background, editing shading, lighting, etc.
  5. Once you’re done with modifications, save and download your EPIC mockup creation.
  6. That’s it!

I told you designing a custom condom mockup is a piece of cake.

For this reason, you can create a bunch of variations, so you can later compare them with your client and pick the winning one together.

FAQs About Condom Mockups

How do condom mockups help in branding and packaging design?

Condom mockups are essential for branding and packaging design, allowing businesses to visualize and refine the appearance of their product packaging. This includes experimenting with different colors, logos, and text to create an appealing and informative package design.

Can condom mockups display different packaging types?

Yes, condom mockups can display various packaging types, such as foil wrappers, boxes, or multi-pack presentations. This versatility is important for showcasing how designs look on different packaging formats, catering to diverse market needs.

Are condom mockups useful for health and safety messaging?

Condom mockups are extremely useful for incorporating health and safety messages. They provide a clear and direct way to include important information, instructions, and safety warnings on the packaging, which is crucial for products like condoms.

How accurate are the size representations in condom mockups?

Condom mockups generally offer accurate size representations, ensuring that the design elements are proportionally scaled to the actual size of the packaging. This accuracy is key for ensuring that text is readable and graphics are visually appealing when printed.

Do condom mockups allow for previewing textured or special material effects?

Many condom mockups allow for previewing special material effects, such as metallic finishes or textured surfaces. This feature is valuable for brands that want to create distinctive or premium packaging that stands out in the marketplace.

What features should I look for in a good condom mockup?

High resolution, realistic textures, and multiple views (front, back, and side). Customizable layers for packaging design are also key.


Note: This article was originally published on May 6, 2022. But our team regularly reviews it and updates it with necessary improvements for accuracy.

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