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What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

what is managed wordpress hosting

Are you trying to figure out what is managed WordPress hosting?

You’re NOT the only one!

Managed WordPress hosting is like having a team of experts maintain and optimize your website’s place online.

The “team” ensures your site is secure, fast, and up-to-date so you can focus on creating outstanding content without the technical headaches.

WordPress, a renowned platform celebrated for its flexibility and user-friendliness, powers most websites today, and selecting the right hosting for your WordPress website is pivotal.

It’s like choosing a home for your site, and who doesn’t want a secure, well-maintained, and cozy home?

This post covers:

Join me as we stroll through the ins and outs of managed WP hosting, exploring its benefits and discussing why it might be the secret ingredient to enhancing your website’s performance and security.

I’m excited to help you navigate this exciting territory!

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What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

definition of managed wordpress hosting
Imagine you want to create a cozy, welcoming online space for your thoughts, creations, or products.

You’d want it to be in good hands, right?

That’s where managed WordPress hosting comes in, holding your hand and keeping your online space spruced up and sparkling.

It handles all the techy, behind-the-scenes stuff for your website.

And ensures it’s safe from nasty bugs, speeding along without any hitches, and getting it all the latest and greatest updates.

It will feel like you have a dedicated team watching over your website, ensuring it operates smoothly while you focus on creating and sharing your unique ideas with the world.

Features Of Managed WordPress Hosting

features of managed wordpress hosting

Enhanced Security

Managed WordPress hosting is like a fortress for your website! It comes with:

  • Regular security audits: Consider these as regular check-ups, ensuring everything’s ticking along nicely and securely.
  • Malware scans & removal: It’s like having a guardian angel that keeps an eye out for any internet nasties and shoos them away.
  • Advanced firewall: It acts as a big, strong wall around your website, keeping it safe and sound.

Speed & Performance

With Managed WordPress hosting, your website is like a super-fast train zooming through the internet!

  • Caching mechanisms: This is like a secret recipe that makes your website load super fast for your visitors.
  • Content delivery network (CDN) integration: It’s like having little helpers worldwide, making sure your website reaches everyone quickly.
  • Optimized server configurations: This ensures your website’s engine is perfectly tuned and running smoothly.

Automated Backups

Managed WP hosting makes sure you never lose your precious website creations with:

  • Regular backups: Imagine taking photos of your website regularly so you never lose anything. (Remember, you can also use any of these free WordPress backup plugins.)
  • Frequency & accessibility: It’s like having those photos taken often and being able to view them anytime you want.

Expert Support

Managed WordPress hosting has a team of friendly wizards ready to help you anytime.

  • Availability & response time: They’re around whenever you need them and quick to lend a helping hand.
  • WordPress-specific knowledge: They speak the language of WordPress fluently, ready to solve any riddles you might encounter.

Automatic Updates

Your Managed WordPress hosting keeps everything fresh and up-to-date!

  • Core WordPress updates: It’s like getting the latest and greatest tools to build your website.
  • Plugin & theme updates: And ensuring all the decorations and features on your site are the latest models.

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Staging Environment

Managed WordPress hosting lets you have a practice stage for your website.

  • Definition & importance: It’s like having a rehearsal room to try out new ideas before showing them to the world.
  • Use cases: Whether you want to try a new look or add a new feature, the staging environment is your playground.

Pros & Cons Of Managed WordPress Hosting

pros cons of managed wordpress hosting
Managed WordPress hosting comes with a whole basket of sweet treats for your website.

But there are also some drawbacks you should know about.


  • Enhanced security: Imagine having a knight in shining armor guarding your website’s castle, ensuring no internet dragons get in.
  • Superior performance: Your website will be zippy and cheerful, greeting every visitor with a joyful hello in no time.
  • Convenience & time-saving: It’s like having a personal assistant for your website, taking care of all the nitty-gritty so you can sip your tea and focus on creating beautiful content.
  • Expert support: Whenever you’re in a bind or just feeling a bit puzzled, a friendly wizard is just a message away, ready to sprinkle some wisdom and help.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that all the technical stuff is taken care of lets you sleep like a baby, with sweet dreams of your wonderful website dancing in your head.


  • Price: Managed WordPress hosting can be a bit of a pricey gem. It’s like choosing between a shiny sports car and a trusty old sedan – both will get you there, but one has a bit more sparkle (and a heftier price tag).
  • Limitations on plugin installations: Sometimes, having a managed platform means you can’t add every decoration you fancy to your website. It’s a bit like having a landlord who’s a tad strict on how you can decorate your epic place.
  • Potential lack of control: Handing over the reins can sometimes feel like you’re not the captain of your ship. For those who love to tinker and have things just so, this might feel slightly restrictive.
  • Customization constraints: With managed hosting, sometimes you might feel like your creative wings are a bit clipped, as there might be restrictions on how to modify your site.

What’s The Difference Between Managed & Unmanaged WordPress Hosting

managed vs unmanaged wordpress hosting

Comparison Of Features

Managed WordPress hosting is like having a home where everything’s handled for you. It’s secure, fast, and you have experts ready to help whenever you need. It’s a dream if you’d rather focus on creating beautiful content than worry about the techy stuff.

Unmanaged WordPress hosting, on the other hand, is like having a blank canvas. It’s more hands-on and allows you to build and manage everything yourself. It’s perfect if you love tweaking and having things just the way you want.

Comparison Of Costs

Managed WordPress hosting can be like a premium apartment service; it comes with a higher price tag but offers many conveniences and luxuries. It’s handy if you value ease and peace of mind over expenses.

Unmanaged WordPress hosting is usually more budget-friendly, like a do-it-yourself project. It’s great if you’re savvy with the tech stuff and would rather save some pennies.

Ease Of Use & Accessibility

Managed WordPress hosting is super user-friendly. It’s like riding a bike with training wheels; you have lots of support and guidance. It’s best if you’re new to the world of websites or just prefer a smoother ride.

Unmanaged WordPress hosting can be like assembling a puzzle; it can be challenging but rewarding. It suits you if you’re up for learning and enjoy getting your hands dirty in the details.

Picking between managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting depends on your plans and what you like to do.

If you like things easy and taken care of, managed is the way to go.

But if you like doing things your own way, unmanaged is your friend.

General Pricing Structure

Managed WP hosting is like renting a fancy apartment; it comes with many perks, but it also has its price.

Usually, you pay every month, and the cost depends on how big and fancy you want your website’s home to be.

Some places even offer special deals, so keep an eye out for those.

Also, if you decide to pay annually, it’ll be much cheaper than paying month-to-month.

Comparison Of Different Providers

  • WP Engine is like a luxury condo for your website. It’s a bit pricier but has many fancy perks and top-notch service. Great if you love a worry-free experience.
  • Kinsta is like a stylish, modern home. It’s sleek, fast, and has a team of friendly helpers ready to assist you. Perfect if you value speed and style.
  • Bluehost is like a cozy, welcoming cottage. It’s affordable and reliable, with a variety of plans to choose from. It’s a sweet spot if you’re watching your budget but still want quality.
  • SiteGround is like as a sturdy, dependable house. It offers great service and security, with various prices to suit different needs. Ideal if you want a solid foundation for your website.

I hope this comparison of the ultimate hosting providers with homes wasn’t a bit much. 🙂

Choosing a managed WordPress hosting provider is like picking the PERFECT neighborhood for your website.

Whether you want luxury and style or cozy and affordable, there’s a place for everyone.

Take your time, explore your options, and choose the home where your website will shine the brightest.

Remember, you can always start with the cheapest plan and upgrade when necessary.

Also, you can migrate from one host to another very easily – and usually free of charge. Some hosting providers will even do the migration free instead of you.

Who Should Consider Managed WordPress Hosting?

who is managed wordpress hosting for
Managed WordPress hosting makes your life EASIER and your website HAPPIER.

Whether you’re a business maestro, an online retail queen, a blogging star, or a web-crafting wizard, going managed will do you wonders!

Business Owners

If you own a business, big or small, having a worry-free, secure, and smooth-running website is like having a golden ticket.

Managed WP hosting can be a true buddy for business owners.

It takes care of the technical stuff, so you have more time to FOCUS on growing your business and keeping your customers happy.

eCommerce Websites

Run an online store? Managed WordPress hosting is like having a super-efficient store manager.

It makes sure your online store is always open, running smoothly, and is safe for your shoppers.

This way, you can concentrate on selling your beautiful products and keep those virtual shopping carts rolling in.

High Traffic Blogs

If you have a blog BUZZING with visitors, managed WP hosting is like having a big, welcoming home with an open door.

It helps your blog handle all the buzz, keeps it fast and accessible, and ensures all your readers feel right at home when browsing your awesome posts.

Developers Creating WordPress Sites For Clients

For the tech-savvy creators who build WordPress sites for others, managed WordPress hosting is like having a SKILLED assistant.

It can handle the upkeep, protect the site, and keep everything running like clockwork.

This leaves you more time to craft wonderful websites and make your clients’ web dreams come true.


Managed WordPress hosting is like having a super-helpful friend for your website.

It takes care of all the complicated, techy stuff—keeping your site safe, making it fast, and helping when needed.

I PREFER it because it helps me focus on creating and sharing amazing things with you.

But is it really worth the investment?

Well, it depends on your needs and vision.

If you love convenience, extra help, and more time to do what you love, it might just be the perfect fit for you!

FAQs About Managed WordPress Hosting

What is managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting provides specialized hosting for WordPress sites, including all technical aspects like updates, security, and backups, allowing you to focus on content and design.

Is managed WordPress hosting expensive?

Yes, it can be a bit pricier, like paying a bit extra for a VIP service, but it comes with many perks and helps keep your website happy and healthy.

Can I install any plugin I want with managed WordPress hosting?

Some providers have restrictions; it’s like having house rules to keep everything running smoothly and securely, but they usually support most popular WordPress plugins.

Is managed WordPress hosting faster?

Absolutely! It’s built to make your website zip around like a race car, using special tech to load your pages quickly!

How does managed WordPress hosting handle security?

It’s like having a superhero guard your website, with regular patrols, high walls, and instant action against any bad guys trying to get in!

Do I need technical knowledge to use managed WordPress hosting?

Not at all! It’s designed to be super friendly, even if you’re not a tech wizard. It’s like having a buddy who’s great with computers!

Can I easily migrate my existing WordPress site to a managed WordPress hosting?

Absolutely! Most providers offer tools or services to make moving your website a breeze, like having a friend help you move house!

Do I get customer support with managed WordPress hosting?

Yes! It’s like having a knowledgeable friend you can call anytime you need help or advice with your website.

Is managed WordPress hosting suitable for any website?

Yes! Whether it’s a blog, an online store, or a business site, Managed WP hosting is like a cozy home for any WordPress website!

Do I have less control over my site with managed WordPress hosting?

Some settings are managed to keep things running smoothly, but you still get to make all the fun and important decisions about your website!

How does managed WordPress hosting differ from standard hosting?

Unlike standard hosting, managed WordPress hosting is tailored specifically for WordPress, with optimized performance, enhanced security measures, and expert WordPress support included.

Are there any limitations with managed WordPress hosting?

Yes, there can be some, like restrictions on the plugins you can install to ensure stability and security. Also, it’s generally more expensive than shared hosting options.

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