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How To Change WordPress Admin Email?

change wordpress admin email

Do you also want to learn how to change WordPress admin email but are unsure where to look for it?

That’s OK.

The admin email is the heart of communication for your site.

It’s where all the important notices, like updates and password resets, get sent.

Even if you manually update the SSL certificate, it’ll usually get sent to your WP admin email.

But why change it, you might wonder?

Sometimes, you just need to update your contact info, maybe you’re handing over the site to someone else, or perhaps you want to streamline your emails.

Whatever the reason, changing your WordPress admin email is a handy trick to have up your sleeve.

And it’s super easy to do.

This post covers:

How To Change WordPress Admin Email

Ready to switch up your WordPress admin email?

Cool, let’s walk through it together, step by step.

Method 1: Through WordPress Dashboard

Step 1

First things first, log into your WordPress Dashboard. (Just add “/wp-admin/” at the end of your domain, enter you login credentials, and you’re in.)

change wordpress admin email through settings

Step 2

Next, click your way to “Settings” > “General.” It’s where the core setting of your WordPress website are, like site title, tagline, URL, etc.

Step 3

Now, spot the “Email Address” field? Pop your new email address in there. This step is as easy as updating your contact info.

admin email address in wp general settings

Step 4

Hit that “Save Changes” button at the bottom and… voila!

save your admin email change

Finally, you’ll need to check your new email to confirm the change, kind of like confirming your email when you sign up for something new.

Troubleshooting Tips

Didn’t get the confirmation email? Here’s what to do:

  • Check your spam folder; emails like to hide there.
  • Ensure you entered the correct email address (typos happen to the best of us!).
  • Give it a little time, sometimes the internet is just slow.

Method 2: Through phpMyAdmin

Now let’s get a bit more techy and change your WordPress admin email using phpMyAdmin.

It’s totally doable – even for a beginner.

Step 1

change wordpress admin email through phpmyadmin

First, head over to your hosting control panel.

Look for something called phpMyAdmin.

If you use your WordPress hosting to host multiple sites, each site will have it’s own phpMyAdmin.

Step 2

find wordpress site database in phpmyadmin

You entered the WordPress database.

It’s where all your site’s content, files, and code are stored.

Look for a name that might be something like “wp_yoursitename,” but it varies.

If you’re using Kinsta’s phpMyAdmin, click “Databases” at the top and then your site name.

Step 3

find wp options to change wp admin email

Got it? Great!

Now look for a map labeled “wp_options” or something similar (the “wp_” part might be different).

This is where your WordPress website settings live.

Step 4

click edit in phpmyadmin to change admin email

Here is where you should look for “admin_email” value.

Click to edit, and type in your new email address.

Step 5

Don’t forget to save your changes!

Then, check to make sure the update took effect.

You can even go back to your WordPress admin panel, click “Settings” then “General,” and see what admin email appears there.

A Little Warning

This method is more technical, so if you’re not comfortable, it might be a good idea to ask a friend who’s into this stuff or reach out to a professional WordPress developer.

You want to make sure you don’t accidentally tweak the wrong setting.

And that’s when things can go terribly wrong.

Verify The Admin Email Change

You want to double-check that your new admin email is working as it should.

Here’s how:

  • Log back into your WordPress dashboard or check your new email for any WordPress notifications. If you see updates or notices popping up in your new inbox, you’re golden!
  • Also, you can head back to “Settings” > “General” in your WP dashboard to see if your new email appears in the Email Address field. If it is, you’ve nailed it!

WP Admin Email Didn’t Change?

If things aren’t looking right, no stress! Here are a couple of quick fixes:

  • No confirmation email? Circle back to your old email to check if it’s lost in there. Also, peek into the spam or junk folder of your new email; sometimes important emails take a wrong turn.
  • Changes not reflecting? Try clearing your browser cache. It’s like giving your internet browser a mini refresh. Sometimes it holds onto old info a bit too tightly.
  • Still no luck? If you used phpMyAdmin, triple-check that you saved the changes correctly and didn’t misspell the new email. A tiny typo can throw off the whole mission.

What To Do After You Change The WP Admin Email

Before you go, here are couple of quick steps to ensure everything’s snug and secure.

Tidying Up After The Change

  • Check other spots: Wander through your WordPress settings and any user profiles. If you spot the old email lurking anywhere, give it the update.
  • Peek at your plugins: Got any plugins that send emails or use the admin email in some way? Update it with the new one.

Keeping Things Secure

  • Strong passwords: With the new email in place, it’s a fantastic time to refresh your password too.
  • Two-factor authentication: If you’re not already using it, now’s a great time to start.
  • Stay updated: Keep your email, WordPress, and plugins updated.

Conclusion: Master Changing WP Admin Email

So, give yourself a pat on the back.

You’ve taken a big step in WordPress website maintenance today.

Keeping that admin email updated is key to managing your site smoothly and staying on top of all the important stuff WordPress needs to tell you.

And you’ve just learned how to make it happen.

You see, I told you it’s not too big of a deal – even for a beginner.

Keep everything up-to-date to ensure your site runs like a dream and stays safe from any internet gremlins.

FAQs About Changing WordPress Admin Email

What is the WordPress admin email used for?

The admin email is the primary email address for your WordPress site. It’s used for receiving important site notifications, password resets, and alerts.

How do I change my WordPress admin email?

Easy! Just log into your WordPress dashboard, navigate to “Settings” > “General,” and update the “Email Address” field with your new email. Don’t forget to save your changes and confirm the new email via a link sent to it.

Why haven’t I received the confirmation email after changing the admin email?

Check your spam or junk folder first. If it’s not there, make sure you entered the correct email address. Sometimes, email servers take a bit longer, so give it a little time.

Can I change the admin email without access to the WordPress dashboard?

Yes, you can use phpMyAdmin through your hosting control panel. Find your WordPress database, go to the “wp_options” table, and edit the “admin_email” value to your new email.

Will changing my WordPress admin email affect my login?

No, changing the admin email won’t affect your login credentials. However, if you use the admin email to reset your password in the future, you’ll need to use the new email address.

Is it necessary to update my WordPress admin email regularly?

While you don’t need to change it regularly, it’s crucial to keep it updated if your primary contact email changes. This ensures you don’t miss any important communications from WordPress.

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